Better to get a groundscore you like, too many idiots wandering the parking lot at the grocery to notice, I got a 12 pack of coca-cola classic, they left it in the cart, sort of like finding a $5 bill, look around too see if anyone is looking for it...if not walk on. Listen to the music, hear it all laid down in wonderful harmony, order where there was none. Outside the lines coloring the bits that weren't a foam party. Better than the football that's on.

After Dark

It gets dark before 5, I was skiing by 5.30, nothing too out of the way but it was dark, DARK. The trail, my headlamp and number one didn't seem to mind it so much, we traveled up plenty warm and happy. I missed the kick wax but it didn't matter. I kept hearing what wasn't there, little kid lost in the woods freaked out, after dark kind of thing. On the other side of the night I hit up the groomed trails before dawn, two different skis, one night. Skating windloaded (groomed)trails that hadn't seen a groomer in a while, work. Do work when you can, the more the better right now, focus.



It's really quiet up here, I get out, do my work and return without so much as a peep. The one sound that echoes in the woods is the ski against the snow. Also, it's really quiet when I wake up at midnight to listen to the pod and catch up on the sounds in my head, it's not allowing the sleep to come, the efficiency snowballs and the ebay list grows as the pile shrinks. I think my next try will be the proper adopted favorite beer, maybe it will put me out for more than a few hours, like 6+. Digging deep and getting the rest is tough this week, maybe I need to take inventory almost every day, I feel like a 12 stepper, whatever that is. Longer dark efforts made possible by the full moon, beetle kill and clean snow. It smells different, it sounds so quiet. The taste is there, I now need the quiet time to fill the rest of the darkness. My little headlamp only exposes the rest to me, unneeded it stays off. The dog is happiest on the daylight trips, he's afraid of the dark too, quietly lurking in the woods he's ready to go anyway.



The break has been over for a few days already and the training has begun. An hour a day is about all I can manage. Too much else going on, little chunks of goodness will add up. So much snow that sliding through the woods is the right choice. No bikes for a while, other tools work better. More is better, '08 is on.



Three Vanilla Porter hometown beers is too much for this off season racer, I tried, rotgut no buzz to eclipse the ague. Too much food and rich beer makes me want to throw up, the buzz wasn't even that pleasant. Tonight is different, menu variations on the different free beers, gotta love the severance package when it involves beer. More to come the break is getting old, fast. I'm stiff and sore from doing nothing not from doing work. I'm done, it's on, '08 is here. I am a sissy.


fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs? Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can. i cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!



The shit food keeps on coming around, I'm enjoying it, I had a burger last night, second one this year, monastic life is leaving for now. Beer is enjoyable but, not as many as I would like to have. I want to be able to put a few away, not just the one or two I have been drinking. Monday or Tuesday starts '08, the tools are almost together and in the slots. 2007 was great, awesome help from Gary Fisher Bikes and with the best shop in the world helping me out with road stuff and supplies I couldn't really ask for more. '08 looks even better, life is more organized for the time being. The push will be more quality. Make it count. I can only hope to improve for 2008.



I am still trying to figure out what is broken, yesterday didn't help, I ate shit all day, I mean all day I was snacking on crappy food. Sure, it tasted great but it didn't help me feel any better or give me what I needed to recover. Now four or five days out I still feel like waffles. I can only hope that by the weekend it's gone and I can start to put together the pieces.Today it's more of the same, little bit better but maybe I need a menu of non-shit foods to cycle all of the hate. I can't get it all, I know that much for sure. More bike work tonight to finish the end of season wrenching.



Great ski today, up and out at 6.30 around the trails, I had it all together, from the comfort of home, it was the same temp as Sunday for the start of the SSCX race, thoroughly unspectacular on my part. It's so quiet right now, the temps have everyone in a hibernation that only comes around the solstice, listen, it's not too far off. The cleaning is done, ready to make the changes for '08. News is close, holidays closer, enjoy the break if you can, you've earned it, I think I have at least. I missed double digits by one this year. My legs are still tangled, 24 hours in the car between Friday a.m. and Monday p.m. ripped 'em apart.



One last weekend until the cycle starts again in about 10 days, probably less. After I recover from the driving and then get my shit together for winter training I'll be ready to hit it. 2 weeks max of break. then build to one big effort that lasts about 8 months. The scabs will have faded into scars and the miserable suffering will only be remembered as cathartic. Yeah, I'll be back next time, why miss the best thing you can do to get ready for winter? I got off light, videos are everywhere of Treefarm's head-on collision, he was fine, he got lucky. Chris Auer got a bad one too, I was happy to didn't run him over, that one was right in front of me, I ran past.


Early Season

This doesn't look like early season snow or conditions. It was perfect. Sometimes I can ski, for real, something about whipping around turns at 30km/h on narrow little edgeless planks with free heels is liberating. I enjoy the nordic effort and always want more this time of year. After this weekend they'll be tours galore, skis to work before the sun comes up and all of the other silly things winter brings for a so-called athlete. Posts from the road, I hope, hotel computers and borrowed time. not the worst way to travel. Bikes, pod, toothbrush and some warm clothes, what more could I want...
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The end is Sunday, it feels like the bubble right before it bursts surface tension keeps the pressure even until the pressure pushes through. Harder than easier better to get close than just to pack it in and bail. Two skis are almost as important as two wheels right now. Getting the higher end is less, not more. Wheels yesterday, skis today, listen...the volume is fading almost silent sports, becoming that as of Monday. Xmas begins the new year. Maybe even hit up George's BHCX blowout to start where others might be finishing. Rest is in the head, not the legs.


Produce Aisle

Trying to stay fresh like produce, instead feeling rotten like so much old meat. I hear the finish line, still a bit too far away to see it but I can hear the line, the results of the season will only disappoint on the one side not the other. Having the legs open in time for the line to come next sunday can only be the right spot in time. The little sacrifices are building up to value the victories in pocket and cherish the ones to come. Hiding out in the snow, using two xc skis instead of two wheels. Good and great, sliding quietly through the woods, listening to the silence.



Nothing too severe today, the rollers yesterday were sort of, pleasant...Odd. Today back on the roads but in a different way, get the legs square and the body re-opened after a rough stint. The work was passing and I had it together, until the staple/wire/whatever worked it's way through my tire and into my tube. Working on my running in soft snow, with the bike, rescue came and I finished the work. The week is getting brighter, not darker, we'll see what happens next...



As I limp into the final week of the season I have little to do, maybe ride a bit freshen up the legs after the temp goes above 25 degrees, other than that, get through and hope I don't get hit by a car. Trying to be fresh right now is the toughest part, too much rest and I feel, ahh, restless, hmmmm. Too much riding and my body feels cooked, whatever, cross is always fun. No more wins this year, probably, that makes 9 on the season. About 1 in 3, not bad at all. On to '08 in my head already. Xmas day starts the new season. Head start and goals in the head. Suffering in the snow is fun, at least the path is safe, tracked out by snowshoers skiers and foot traffic the smoothness is transformed into a slog. Perfect. The cx bike is barely able to roll through, lots grinding the taint in to the saddle trying to push the rear wheel into snow to the firmer ground underneath. Listen, the quiet is here.


I ran last night, it was either that or a stint on the rollers. That, and to retard the changing of my bones into the density of poultry. I love the simplicity of running, shoes, headlamp (it was dark) and hat. I really like simplicity. The dog was happy too, it wasn't far, not much of a run, as far as runs go. It was a little trip through the woods in the dark, aside from my heavy breathing it was totally quiet. That's the other thing about running; it's quiet and peaceful as long as you are fit enough to not sound like an asthmatic trying breathe through a straw. Dinner last night had sausage, and then my hospital breakfast sandwich (not from mcdonalds) had sausage too, if bratwurst is sausage that's two meals in a row from our friend the pig. Is that too many nitrates or sulfates or whatever it is that's in the preserving process. Is there calcium in sausage? Because if I can get the bone thing fixed maybe the whole cycling thing won't kill me, or leave me fragile due to the cycling induced osteoporosis.



Whatever it was Evel Knievel is dead. I remember being a kid and watching on the wide world of sports him doing another stupid stunt. A man ahead of his time. White trash was never so entertaining in the 70s before COPS and reality TV..




Aerobics Class

I know a lot of people have probably seen this but I can't imagine the popularity of cross in Belgium and Holland if this what the sport is tied to. Sure, it looks like an aerobics class from 1992 but holy shit is it funny.


I made the good stuff again today, I am trying to embrace my break, I know I have a few left but the tires are going soft as I type. As I took my first sip today the espresso had an odd smell, honey mustard, hmmmm? Pronounced too, it was there, did the 1/2&1/2 pick up something? The fridge did die the other day, about 36 hours of no working for the damn thing had a lot of our food on the way out. After it was fixed we've eaten a few meals, had enough to get sick but maybe a low-grade food issue doesn't always surface right away. Don't buy GE products, in less than 5 years we have had almost 500$ go into the fridge. Bummer, but is that bad? maybe that explains why Brian hangs out so long. I have to gain at some point, no? Staying where I do without a shift in weight? Granted, I weigh myself about 3 times a year.



Feast and famine all at once, it changes by the hour. Listening for the next shift, it doesn't always come. Waiting for news of the next beginning, hoping it involves me and a better arrangement of the cards. I can only hope that the work is enough and the keys fit the locks.



5 is cold. Even rolling the SSCX bike trying to build up some sort of heat was tough. Only one near-miss, some bitch in a bmw didn't think I was far enough to the right of the white line. The road isn't always big enough. Listening to my breathing at the end i finally got over the chill of the first 30 minutes and got to a slightly warmer place. I think the 3 Mothership Wits (may new favorite brew) last night might have put the ghosts to sleep. I have an almost tangible better feeling about life. I see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is good.


How many more?

The cooking is coming from inside not the stove. I try to listen but I feel deaf. Rolling the icy roads today the cars seemed closer. I feel more distant from the season and growing the wheels for what's left is getting harder. Maybe a real rest is needed, not the sort of push, limp into the off season that usually happens. I fill the void with food, good stuff, no junk, plenty of Illy to get through the morning, always sad after the last sip. If I could have it all day, I probably would. Sushi last night just didn't do the trick. I know the balance is off, not agreeing with the food and the constant fatigue. I eat, feel better for a bit, and it all just makes me sleepy.



I got out on Thursday with the only person I could find foolish enough to go. No other takers and if it wasn't for my own insane chemical imbalance, I too would have stayed in, thanks Jeff, for taking a guy for a ride, I'm slow to get photos up these days but at least they're up. 16 as I rolled past a bank on the South side. On a bike 16 is chilly but, skiing it feels fine, similar gear too. Hmmmmm.


I think this is car that almost ran me off the road the other day. I can only hope that they feel as strongly about the Bushies as they do the need to spew this kind of hate. Don't get me wrong, I have plenty of anger, I just direct it elsewhere. The more I live the more I get angry that people can be this DUMB. It's fun to wonder how they get to this point. Too much homogeny? Too little exposure to diversity? I live in a pretty white-washed place but I know what other cultures and ethnicities are like, the bank in Aurora a few weeks ago was scary but that's another thing. I don't have hate-fostering stickers perpetuating a homogeneous society. Not that I needed further proof that rednecks suck.



I have been sore since time spent in the outdoor lab on Sunday, now the only time i feel good is on the bike. Pushing the mtb season into Thanksgiving @ 9000ft is a guilty pleasure. More today, pictures later. Trails that are normally perfect for skiing right now have hero dirt. Pushing through the aches of late season, everything is slowing down. Right pressure to hit the lines, no burps today. The glow is fading, more lights for less day. when it clears I feel complete, ready to sit down for a few days without the stress of the next one. Silent is close, better to be out in it than stuck in. Pushing instead of pull, following and followed a lot of full-cush these days hearing the clack and clatter of fancy elaborate bike art. I am happy to have the Ferrous on my ride/side, maybe go aluminum next year. Variety, of one gear, all I want. Food isn't cutting the fatigue, sleep comes late and too fast over, knots in the stomach, not the way to go into the most important block of cx. Older than last year, nothing feels better than the trails, paved or dirt, just off the road away from drivers. I listen to the system, I have tenitis though.



I lack a lot, good riding in November isn't one of them, early winter
opens up the lungs and lets me through the door. I hear the door
slamming shut behind tomorrow, with the fresh wind blowing in, too
close to wait but yes, it's close. Maybe the next time the sun rises
it will bring with it snow. Maybe.

My legs are less sore than my right lat muscle, I think that's what
it's called, running too low a pressure just because, to see if 20
was do able, it is if I laze it, stiffer sidewalls help too. After
that it's too low. Fun to ride with proper suspension, sag? got it if
I lean forward. Pre-load, check. Rebound, yeah, lean back. It's all
about the front end. Pictures haunt the head, pushing through the
dimmer views in favor of opening new windows and closing old doors. I
hope the sky is this color on Thursday.



I wish I had skills like this, the best I can do is ride to the top of a hill and not be that tired. Weak. This is talent.



Getting through the last bits of the season gets harder if the weather isn't happy. Today it wasn't too bad, my avoidance of tomorrow's race isn't really by choice, I'm happy to stay home and ride to avoid the weirdness that is the springs. I hear the end, smell the wax iron, feel the silence coming along. The more I do, the better it all will be. An unplanned late season break from racing. Two weekends off, going into three and the fourth weekend being it, over. I hear it coming. Bundled up too much for today, I got home and wrung out my clothes, showered and I was still sweating, the thermometer read 39℉ (4℃) good clothes go a long way.



I think this has to be the most beautiful urban bike lane I have ever seen. How could a cellphone talking, txting, oblivious or other such shitty driver miss you in this stunning reason to brave the streets.


I can't help my jealousy of the guys racing in Costa Rica right now.
Suffering up endless muddy climbs and having to walk 45% slope
descents. I am in early winter mode trying to keep the furnace on and
spoiling myself on a Friday. Still thinking bikes not skis, that
much. 10 degrees is pretty far from 2 below as long as we are talking
fahrenheit, if we are talking centigrade, I'm well below. More than
2. I have a few left, no count exactly, but it's there. The light at
the end of the tunnel, I will go into the light. Not too far off.



Not enough fruit to eat and too much shit in the mix. It isn't
evening out the bottom line. I have the pieces in front of me but I
keep using them in the wrong hands; using the left when it's the
right that needs the tune up. After all it's just one fall gone,
better ones will come down again, another one in the tank, almost.
I hear the music in my head and try like hell to fit it in it's spot,
only the spots move, can't go off the old memories, always need to
follow, braille isn't consistent, this thing changes too. Having new
things in the old spots will get you close.

Half a bag

I heard it was 10, yeah, winter is showing with a half bag, no real snow yet, yesterday was just a dusting, half a bag, cold, winter gear for sure, but not much snow. the trails from Monday are probably still ride able. Too cold to think about what I should have done, just trying to get across the tundra. I need to fill in the holes, a few new pieces of gear. I keep wondering how much I need to worry, I get spoiled having the path, last winter was only rough a few times, black ice, no brakes, cars fender-bending as I glide by, when is it my turn, do I only get one?



Later than usual, picking a route across the freshly fallen goodness. No room right now for downs, only ups as the picture clears and winter arrives. Silently rolling over the covered path, I know what's there, what isn't hiding beneath. Filling the legs to empty the head, pockets are another story. I've had a little help lately, thanks to 1554 and the Mothership sleep comes and then leaves only a bit early, not a lot, maybe the ghosts are going away? Looking for octopus at sunset adds new work to the end of my day, the inky glow is there just not as clear as early. The ghosts and the octopus are working together. Hiding my ink from the morning, moving it to the end of the day.
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At lunch I went to get a bagel at the grocery store, they were
playing Whitesnake over the PA system, what kind of bullshit is that?
Ruining my shopping experience. I wasn't going to the store to listen
to bad 80s hair-shit rock. At least my lunch ended up being good. The
dark commute is adding another level to the rides, tempo followed by
increased food makes the day's rides that much better. Ducking in and
out of the shadows adds a lot to the day, volume lower on the iPod
and higher on the wheels. Without fail the program gets better when
this happens. Especially this late in the season. States and Nats are
looking better and better. Good blinky lights and better legs carry
me home through the winds. Pushing gears for the first time in 10
days felt weird, like I was cheating, better to know than not. I know



It's getting late, two days in a row on dirt in November at home, I
can't believe what luck to get my treats so late in the year. Late
night in the dark across the frozen mud, today a bit drier, with
daylight. You can't buy this fun. You could try, People have, but I
prefer my own treat. I stopped for a snack mid way through the ride,
sort of jerky like. Solo has been plan, this winter it will be more
of the same if the Epic is on the plate for July, how else can the
base be built for 5 consecutive 100k+ days on dirt? Singletrack in
November, listening to the coyotes, hiding out in the woods, perfect!



Singletrack in the early part of the day to keep the cold out of the
legs, longer later in the day on the paved paths. More changes to
come, mix it up and get the new set up ready. Looking for order in
the singular chaos. The numbers are all in place. Putting away days
like today is the best part of the whole equation, no steady
institutional agenda, loose program to enjoy what's left.



It fades in the blink of an eye, the sun going down and the darkness
creeps in, lights enough to get home if they are paying attention,
just a minute, just a second if they are not. So far so good day 5 of
the new layout, the one not-stupid thing GWB has done. More daylight
to get me home. It really is all about me. Thanks for that moment.
Just a second of the day on trails that should be closed by now, this
global warming thing isn't so bad at 9000 ft. I got to ride stuff
that should be in transition to nordic season, real nordic, you know,
skiing. Not this.


I feel clear(er) than I have in weeks, the wins aren't coming the way I like in cross, it's better this way, earn the finishes that are under appreciated. I am enjoying the process more and more maybe I am more of a mtb racer than a cross racer this season, waiting on '08 to come to right. Soon, I hope. Putting it together to make it clear, see what is on the calendar, Epic? Right out the front door. I'm in.



Rocco has the most Rockin' Mullet in Colorado, I haven't been out of the state in a few months so I don't know of the mullet factor in other places, but he has the best one going for sure around these parts. He went to bike practice today, I played hooky, from all of it, work and well, work too.


Settling into a rhythm as the roads freeze and the trails are closed, poaching the last few rides up the canyon, rolling better and better as cross season wears on. New light in my old head.



Getting into the ground is getting pretty hard this time of year, it is frozen and unforgiving. The more I try, I come up empty. I know where the better shovels are, the smarter entrance but I can't get there. Waking up too early because of the time change and the aching in the legs isn't helping me get into the ground. Hiding out in plain site. Fractions were never my strong suit, I got them but mastery was another story, 2/5, that's what I got out of the weekend, over it now but the bummed legs and bruised knee isn't changing anything. This weekend may begin the shift, get ready for the end, the pictures are all there, the project evolving. Not sure; carbon or regular chain drive but it's time. Ready? Clearing out the head with 1554 or Stella does the trick and adds a nice fog too. Rolling across the slowly freezing tundra as though I'm headed out into the moors brings a smile. Except the fog is inside not outside. Tonight maybe a switch back to the Mothership. MMMMMmmmmmm good.



I'm wondering if I left my form somewhere in the middle of mountain
bike season. Not sure where it went but I keep looking. Suffering
like a pig alone in the wind didn't get me a better finish than 5th
today. I earned what I got, no gifts, I wasn't faster and got
screwed , I wasn't fast. Great racing anyway, following some of the
best guys around and getting to see what other styles are like on a
courses we have done a million times. Guys riding sand I would
normally run, not remembering to close doors I left open. Mistakes
that added up but not enough to clear the ledger and move up 5 spots.
Tomorrow will be better, it always is!

I hear the race these days, not the music, still looking for the
middle, and the top step. Not mid-pack, mid top 10, get the music
going and get it through the end of the race, push on my terms, get
there when it counts not too early, maybe too late is early.



You can't fix crazy. A day in the city, seeing a lot of the things city-folk see everyday and deal with is not something we are accustomed to. Living in our unintentionally homogeneous world seeing the crazies and would-be drug dealers throws us for a loop. Stacks of cash in a bank on East Colfax changing hands makes me uncomfortable. The guy yelling at the Latina cashier who couldn't sell him a burrito because it wasn't yet scanned into the POS system was a bit frightening, I was wondering if he would shoot me first or the girl. I hoped she would get the first shot because I let him in line in front of me in one of those awkward 'you go first' moments so I can watch you instead of the you (crazy guy) behind me in line pondering where in the neck you are going to stab me. I know I over reacting, it doesn't mean the city is for everyone, I like living out of the way, in my own little bubble, I'd rather worry about bears and mtn lions than crackheads and crazies.



It's coming, the harder days to get it done while the weather is friendly. Today knocked open that door a bit, not quite cold but snowy and wet, better legs than I have had, better from yesterday's work and this weekend's goals. Modest at best, ambitious at worst. Trying to stay out of the candy plate is really hard, callow, weak-willed, institutional life solves this, this weekend allows for solutions, solutions make me sleep better. Out in it, a part of it, mine for the taking. Ready?



I like institutional life, a little too much sometimes, even it is self imposed. I respond better to a loose program, sort of institutional. I like that much structure, just a bit more than not. 



music-Yesterday I didn't hear the music in my head the whole race. Usually I have a song going to help me keep my rhythm and avoid falling out of sync. Some guys race with a shuffle or something like that. I couldn't. 15 years ago when I first started bike racing I had a song in my head the whole season, one song, the bangles doing "Walk like an Egyptian" every race I'd start and sure enough about 5 minutes in the internal speakers would begin " and all the cops are hanging out in the donut shops" mmmmmmm donuts. That didn't happen yesterday, I'm paying for it today, it shouldn't be but it is. I'm only as good as my last race. Bad mindset, bad way of thinking. I will get to 10 wins, it's hard knocking on the door and not getting in two weeks in a row.

I was out of step the whole race. Not putting the pedals right, missing out on the important moves, trying time after time to feel the race in the legs. Pedaling one legged didn't help, my right side is so jacked I can't put my shoe on today. I need to listen better to the sounds of the race, put wheels to right at the right time. Maybe I got all of my good rides out this summer and I need to start from the beginning and create new ones. Rethink and re-evaluate the program.

Now I'm listening to the sounds of the computer and the heater system and the hum of the monitor, tuning in to the whole orchestra, trying to figure out if it's a minor or a major, happy major, down minor, in my head it's a bit of a minor third today, the interval is working out as the day gets started. The tonic is playing as I try to get going.



Better, coming through the turns slicker than the ice, upright for most of the icy riding on the soon to be frozen roads. Dirt roads make me happy. Drivers too fast to notice. 42:16 up a 10% grade for 2k. Moonstone brings smiles mistaken as grimaces. Suffer slow race fast.


Full head, empty

The full moon usually makes me happy except when I get in this mode where sleep is harder to find, constantly wondering if I overslept, or not being able to gauge how much time I have until I need to wake up is skewed by the bright moonlight. I can tell if it's really early, or late, and know I can fall back asleep and get some more time. But, the full moon gets me every time. I don't know what my head does, even if I did have a clock or a watch the effort of looking at it would wake me to the point of getting me up anyway. I let it happen and enjoy what I got and relax. Hoping my body got what it needed and is now ready for the day. Chemical sleep aids scare me, I have been offered Ambien, Lunesta, not really my thing I think tonight I'll try Keller's suggestion; Porter. That'll work better than that other stuff.


Two Days

Rocco, Brett and Matt O heading out to recover from the hell we put ourselves through yesterday morning. Bike practice lends itself to very easy pedaling after it's all over. No feeling guilty that you aren't doing the work, you did it, it's over, time to get the shit out of your legs and get over the fact that it's wednesday morning and you just did two mini-races.



Thanks Dieter, I love butter as much as Tavin, this might be the best one yet:

Bike Practice

I made it to my second Wednesday Worlds CX Race, most of the Boulder area fast guys, a lot of people makes me want to live in Boulder if it wasn't for all of the Boulder People. They're everywhere, with this over-medicated, over-rested look on their faces that makes me happy to visit and ride away.
John has it right, he can visit the city, or whatever played-out name they are currently calling it (The Republic) and be home in 20 minutes, I too prefer to enjoy it from a distance, get the hell out, and head home. The athletes there are the redeeming quality. They make the trip worth it. Friendly faces to train with, suffer and get home. Life is Good.


B bike

The gears weren't really working anyway. The new version of the B bike will be better for training and better in the slop. Maiden voyage today was sweet. Perfect 42:16 is fast.
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Inattention and I got the wake up I needed. No more half-way, half assed set-ups. Go or don't, this is the shortest season we have and where I want to be. Almost there, the fitness grows and the legs are responding when I give the chance to open. If I don't capitalize, my own fault. They tried another move on me yesterday that I didn't get a chance to counter. Send one off the front and chop me at the end of the start straight. Force me to chase, open up the gap and let it all happen. My fault, my mistake(s) I know better and I didn't use all of my tools, I missed the chance to give them an f-u, you can't pull that shit on me. Now, I have the hunger back and the legs are ready for more work. Better days to come, double digits for the year. No more, next week begins the second half. Ready?
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