Open Spaces

With all of the little chunks that pull me away, the bike solo feels especially good. Happy to ride and more eager to pedal, whether it's a workout or a simple destination, the comfort it brings, the blanks it fills, better still are the blanks it creates. Open spaces in front and behind right now. These days it's easier with it.


Out like a lion

Looking through the mist and early morning sleet to only find more ice to plow through. I like that, no one else was out, that always makes me feel better. Better to get cold and dirty solo-less spray. This day was better, it was just chilly. Rolling past the overturned car only adds fear, not victory.



The other day I saw a woman driving a car while eating some sort of ice cream sundae with a spork. I have no problem with eating ice cream, but not a treat that requires a spork, and not while driving. Interesting choice of treat to have while driving that couldn't wait till you got home. 


Look ahead-never too soon to lay down foundation. Push where you can and you'll see the benefits later.



The road bike was not the best choice, I climbed higher and the snow was more a majority of the road, it got to the point where, coverage was 100% and tripoding through was going to be the only option. Late winter still, I don't know when spring gets here, I guess that's when you don't get 2-3 foot storms. I saw the big elk standing near the roadside but he was less interested in me than I was him, he barely looked up from eating the Krokus as I suffered past. Too much in O2 debt to react if he decided I was invading his space. Either way I went on, no reaction. Higher up the marmots and pika were out only slightly more aware of my presence. Over the top and down into town, kicking along where I thought the bike might be taken out from under me by the slush/snow. I wouldn't have wanted it easy, that made the ride better, sure the cross bike with studded tires might have been really stable and almost as fast but this was the ride I had.




Just answering not asking. Early in the season it's best to listen. Little clues as the next effort is just around the slippery corner.


Just in case you were wondering.
Compliments of Flick.



It worked. I talked to the guy calmly about giving cyclists a few feet and a little consideration. Nothing too heated, just a point between 2 users of the road. We met under stress and parted ways with an understanding. Try it, you might be surprised.



The obvious things wake me at 2 am; the work I haven't done, adjustments to the little things that make all the difference. Adding up the chunks and odd shaped pieces of time into to a coherent, concise program. The help I get clears the gray, it really is just black and red. Some of the time puts you in the red ink and the rest puts you in the black. Black is good. It's that simple. Wake up at 2 am and get it done whether you have daylight or not. Do work in the dark.



They turned from meatloaf to sushi, it only took an hour but two days of dirt made the early legs seem a little rough, 1 easy day on the road and they're a nice piece of sashimi.  I need more of this...

New Math

Unclear just how close it is, the line, or the tight rope that is always in front and behind, clearly blurred even though it's right there, I have my own line, but it doesn't always follow the path I want.
Easing into the saddle, wiggle through clearly and make it work, I don't know when the 4 day storm will come back and throw the work out the window. Or, get on the rollers, there's worse things than that; not riding at all.
+1 and it's ok, little addition equals more clarity and less useless junk. Right now it all counts.


Sneak through

Little windows to jump through in the mud season, get the bucket ready and always have warmth close by. That sun isn't going to be out all day. Maintenance isn't just about the bike.


Somewhere in the Middle

I remember how to pedal, I think.
The fading cold is just hanging out.
It's some where between my nose and my chest.
Maybe my wheels will pull the phlegm out today.



The faster days are ahead but until then over geared work keeps me warm, sharp climbs are better, no long descents right now, too cold and wet. I see the others in the grocery store instead on the paths. I wonder what they're thinking, how is the training, how is the winter's work affecting them? It's really all the same. 



Little pieces some with sharp edges and some rounded but they all go together one way, sometimes the order isn't the same but they picture at the end is. Carefully go down the series and get there. If not, lost time as long as you aren't looking.



 When winter returns you get more accustomed to the drift. driving, riding, walking, all of it. Late season snows aren't good for traction. Until it warms up again drift or stay inside.


The pointy wind hurt just a bit, then settling into rhythm the time melted away, it was kind of cold but you wouldn't alpine mid winter in jeans and a t-shirt, this was sort of like that. I was the only one out. That felt better than the intervals.