Quietly getting the rest finished, breaks are harder than blocs. Building up to the first quiz, listening to what late summer and early fall are saying. It all looks good, pieces fit.


Two Wheels

I'm not sure if I remember seeing Welcome Back Kotter in re-runs or new but the show was awesome. Funny because of the stereotypes and also before the clambake (you might have wayback machine that one) ruined Vinnie. In the opening with the cool theme song there was a guy riding a unicycle on what I think was Flatbush Avenue carrying a tennis racket, how cool, to ride a unicycle to play tennis. I need at least two wheels to do anything involving cycles.



Closed, the doors aren't too open right now, getting ready for the work to come. Better sensations than last year, bigger results later in the year. It all will come together. Over the barriers and through the grass, sort of like a mixed-up backwards scary fairy tale.


3 weeks

Maybe the last one until the season starts, the suffering was perfect. Riding around and around, it hurt almost enough to feel like a cross race, almost. Using my bottle to cool more than drink I got through, stayed upright and finished, the finish was just that, the end, no great reward, just getting done and not having been dropped. 



Little things, like putting on fresh rubber can make all the difference in the world. There are so many things that can go wrong in a race that you have no control over, but the ones you do have control of, you need to take on. I didn't do that, and paid the price, in the hunt for the W and air goes out of one and then the other, sealing at about 8-12 psi, not enough, out, with a Stan's shower for my trouble. I felt stupid.



The special olympics of traffic management was going full force today, I seem like more of an inconvenience than what they are actually out there for. I wonder if they hire on a work-release program. I need a sandwich like this everyday. If I had one life would be so much easier to handle. Copious amounts of food mellow me pretty fast. Not on the order of Sunday though, that almost made me re-visit the 3-4 breakfasts I had.



Now if I could just get this delivered to me daily, all would be good, maybe not daily but at least three times a week. I don't think I could ask for more.


Cleaner than I can think of for a while. Only dirt for pre-rides and races, letting the healing process run it's course. One of Gwadzilla's favorites was on Marketplace yesterday (click the link) I wonder if the idiots doing traffic control on the path have any idea that some of us are really using the path, or, maybe it's just easier for them to zone out and ignore the cyclists (which is the path they usually take) and think about that next can of Krylon they get to huff. Also Richard Fries (aka the voice of New England Cyclocross) was interviewed as well, cycling gets it due when gas goes through the roof, I guess. Ant bike Mike was featured, nice bikes, purposeful.



This was what I took away from the race that gave me rot gut and almost made me throw up on my handlebars. I'll take it. I think I got stupid, ate way too much before the race and ended up fighting cramps, I don't cramp. I'm lucky the suffering was worth it, smoothies are good.


I saw a ribcage yesterday on the way home on the path. A whole chest cavity of some unfortunate creature, maybe human but I don't think so, I was running late so I didn't stop to take a picture and today I couldn't find it. Bummer. Pieces of a creature that was the dinner for some other creature. I like not being on top of the food chain, if I am in the woods I know full-well I am near the top but not quite there. There are cats that might like a taste and would leave me bleeding in my ribcage on the side of the trail. My risk, calculated, but still, my risk. It's comforting to know that the odds may lean in my favor but not entirely.



The bike rides itself sometimes. I got finished and I forgot if it hurt. I guess it did, it usually does. Perfect alignment. Smarter ride than normal, off the gun the split just wasn't doable. Covered moves in the chase as the dirt road went up to the singletrack. As we climbed splits weren't too hard to cover, pushed the pace as much, oh yeah, that hurt. Caught two of the early attackers and left the other two out ahead, smooth riding the descents and smooth climbing. Good result, better skills.



I don't know why I can't sleep sometimes, it makes me feel like a big kid to stay up late instead of going to bed like I should. Then rest is easier to get but also the dark gets to me. If I go outside to make sure the shed is locked or try to get the dog or cat in I get freaked out that something is going to bolt out of the darkness and get me. Rational, huh? For a while I was trying to allay the fear by doing more stuff in the dark, taking number one for a walk after dark up the trail, but he too, is afraid. I get it all laid out in front of me, skiing in the dark down the trail to work is another one. I get freaked out because most of that effort is in the dark. I have tried it with and without headphones, no luck, scared either way. In a way it gets exciting sometimes to do it and not get attacked. My own sissy way of getting outside when in my head I think I shouldn't. I feel strong if I walk inside with my back to the darkness and I don't hurry up the steps.



Ribbons of mud, mine tailings, puddles in a ribbon of water. Clearing in front as I rolled through the newest section of old trails. Tested the loads, 19 psi is pretty perfect even at speed. careful, perfect. Wetter trails than normal and superhero dirt.


2 pops

I thought the tire stopped turning, rolling through the meadow and seeing the next little mud hole coming up on me, I looked at the tire and thought it stopped. Through up and over on my own little loop, dodging clouds, no lightning to ruin the day only to drizzle to make it better. Pushed through the gaps, pedals never stopped except to shoot a few pictures, solo better to plod along at my own pace than hold someone else's. Climbing and clearing the ears twice made the sounds louder in my head as the time ticked over.



The wind is getting louder, sometimes the din gets above the earphones and it all lays out in a line of sound. Pushing through the head into September. The Second Season is coming around thick and fast. Clear out the shed and the head and get ready for the Fall. Ready?


Good Morning

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Blue Diamond

Fortunately I don't get a lot of offers to join social networks, this website is about as out there as I want to be. I don't get it, why would I want to know what the other people are doing miles or thousands of miles away? Does this in any way affect my day? probably not. I'm lucky , I kind of exist in a little bubble. I followed blue diamond to get to work today, I didn't see any breakfast cereal or leprechauns.



Half a wheel makes a lot of difference, rolling up the hill I have a comfort zone, it was variable today. I should have a pamphlet on etiquette if it bothers me that much, it doesn't, and I like the extra work. Letting the pace be dictated by someone else is good to out of the comfort zone. I felt gluey, perfectly attached to the bike, maybe it's all of the riding, switching between singles and gears and road and mountain. I felt like a latex cocoon had me comfortably fixed on the bike, out of the saddle up the final climb. back in for the descent, happy.


6 weeks

Sometimes it shows in the all oddest places, the training or riding or whatever it is arrives in little packages of form. I am ready for a delivery in about 6 weeks. It's on order, I hope it arrives.



I can't seem to get enough cheese these days, not that I have dairy deficiency, I think my calcium level is fine. I just like cheese. Thinking about the Pachinko the other night and yesterday has me wondering what the full-cush guys rode like to put 72 seconds on me. TTs are good, most cx and xc races sort of are TTs anyway, maybe occasionally you get with another rider but overall solitary. That's good.


Coffee walk to say hi to the squirrels and avoid all of the horse shit.