The file is wearing me down, taking away a little material every day.
Tonight I'll build it back up, not enough, we'll see it show,
But not until the weekend. The tests are taken in full sight.
No where to hide.


Clear Window

Sometimes It's like I went into the shower in a wool suit.
Others a neoprene suit, now wet, but not slow.
Today was a little of both, slogging through the race at my own pace.
All at once the end arrives, legs wanting more than the day could give.
Rolling away with a clear system and ready for more of the same.



Little bits of dark replaced by bright sun.
Squinting to clear the sunspots-Little stars float thru the haze,
Replace the dark with the light. Fresh underneath, crisp morning into bright sun, and random rain.
All in a day, an hour a second. At once clear.



Days that the music can't be loud enough, the din seeps into the thoughts, mixing the light and the dark the real and the imagined. Always trying to quiet the voice of doubt and capitulation. It's always possible, but sometimes you can't even lie to yourself. Pushing off the negative in favor of the one thing that shuts it all up and out. But, some of it gets through and sticks like the too heavy pack it is.



Rolling around in the woods in the middle of the day I guess is the good time to see a moose. He didn't seem too concerned with the creature that was rolling closer to him. When he turned and stared I went back the way I came. He followed slowly, I looked for denser trees to hide in/behind if he decided I was worth a charge. I got out OK.



Clawing thru what's left of the Summer season, the chill ebbs and flows like pushing up from the bottom after you've gone too deep. I need that extra spring off the floor to propel thru the dense to open into the light. At this point I think the light will be that first set of barriers in race #1.



Pushing the legs over 2 days with the first real test coming into focus on the horizon, a happy feeling that the work is going somewhere good. Inside the head an odd sense of peace, clear that the sacrifice is paying off and the pay off is close. Rain, thunder, yeah, late summer is pulling fall closer.



You can't get mad at the hill, the mud, the trail, the road, the lack of fitness, the flat tire, or the frustration- it is always yours. We go out everyday of our own accord, no one pushes us more than we do. Whatever it is; self-loathing, sore losing, or that extra few pounds, it all matters more to do it, than what results from it. 
Listening to the wind all night thinking it brought fresh rain made the dry dawn ride that much clearer.


Sprinting and Limping

Sprinting and limping trying to close the gaps I let open.
Closing in on the only real goal I can find.
All of the others fade into the miles around trees that they are.
A steady diet of nothing pushes into September.
Beautiful crisp air, darkness more than light.
Swap out the fast for the steady.