With the Koppenberg race canceled before I even left home I got lucky to still put in some time on the roads around town. Nothing to really mimic a race effort. Seth did that. I just rode a mtb on roads that I could/should have ridden on a road bike. Work done.



With races coming up and volume following every hour on the bike counts. Fruita is close.


Work as it comes closer to the first test. Mmmmmm good stuff on the way.


It was 8 when I started, that was going downhill for a while towards the low point where I cross the river. It was colder there. Feeling better about it all is important for the head. The legs are fine, they always seem to come around. I didn't have to get off the bike and run to thaw toes, that was nice. Even the school buses didn't buzz me today. Little victories.



Not all of them can be three hours, it would be nice this time of year to have that but it doesn't happen like that. Fenders and rollers solve the puzzle. Always wanting more, putting together the foundation to not be so slow and getting the picture in focus.



I have no real skills, I say this a lot, the kid on the fixy held that track stand for a full two minute red light stop, impressive. I rode well but that didn't really take skill, I just wasn't that tired, that's not a skill. After 25 almost 30 years of riding bikes my skills have remained non-existent. I can ride from here to there. Not much else. That's free-ing sort of. I only need to practice riding, bike practice is a constant, anytime I can get it done, I do. So enjoyable to go out and set the throttle at one spot and leave it there, no need to kill yourself just get the work done and enjoy the little burn in the legs. Smile, you're riding a bike. I think it was either Tony Hawk or Andy Macdonald who once said about skateboarding "we are riding around on toys" bikes aren't much different, just a bit more utilitarian.



Shooting pictures as the work piles up, no secrets, just work still to be done. I feel better and better, the old system puts a smile on my face, get it done and the rewards sort of fall into your lap. No shortcuts, time=speed, it's simple.

Wind or Cold

Pick one, I'll take them both, struggling to get the right amount of time on the wheels and the right amount to not regress. Falling together almost perfect. Sometimes it works out and full benefit comes from less than I thought. Putting down the bricks to build a foundation through mid December takes more than two months, this is the third of it. Sunday is number one, all kinds after that, thick and fast. Sometimes all of it; wind, cold, dirt, pavement. Ready?



More time than I think, less gaps than I think. Putting together a winter is different every time. A few bricks and the house is ready for the first floor, a few bricks add up after all the k already in the legs. Listen to the aches, the body needs less than you think.  




Bugs finding more holes to hide in, shortening the base moving up the first bits of racing. I know the season is long, I feel better than I should, better that than the other way.


City Day

Trying everyday to break through the haze, a late Winter cold, slows what is already glacial paced training. It's all there right in front, little pieces to add up to black friday. Easier on Easter, not always harder to get better. Managing my pace and putting it all together for the Spring work.


Still coming down

This one spot on the road has a wicked frost heave going on, new this winter, last winter wasn't as bad. Another foot last night, ok, maybe not a foot but a shit ton more snow. I have no more room for snow storage, I think it will go into the alley from here on out. At least the snowcat rims got use yesterday. The motivation is growing, season is on...

New Work

Some of the trails were too soft for the 2.4s, after that it's even more of a slog. As long as it was up it was warm, too cold to descend. Gears help to ease the traction and the wear.



Pieces falling into place. Winter is pushing me into Spring, not soon enough for the calendar though. Tests and quizzes are coming thick and fast as March rolls on.


Still Here

Winter isn't fading anytime soon, that's not a bad thing, I think. The more time now the less time later. Two days this week, almost 5 hours outside, only to get better as time passes into a mini cross season. The pieces are there, cornerstones laid, work piling up. Good things. Others are getting sunny dirt, dry roads, I get my own version of the Northern Classics, I'm happy to get what I can.



I'm not dead yet

The wind opens up I follow the paths to more work. Good to visit Spring when the paths align.

The pieces put themselves back together in time. A little extra time always helps.



Do work, as much as you can when you can. Little pieces fit like tetris to become bigger foundations. 


Today doesn't make sense, I rode well yesterday, got in solid time, not long but good. Ate a good dinner, but still had the wake up at 4 a.m., confused. Now the legs are good and if it wasn't dark and -10 outside I would probably throw the skis out the door and get in a loop on the trails. No, too much stuff to gather without waking the family. I sit here alert, sort of... thinking, maybe I should go into work and get that stuff done, nah, not enough motivation, besides I need to brush my teeth and that's upstairs where everyone is sleeping. The legs are still answering the phone, From there up it's a battle.


Good Fenders and Less Cars

More good work. Looking through another average winter of training while mostly avoiding rougher ride days to get through the base phase. More ski time in place of bike time. The weather is close to breaking, not really spring at 9600 ft but more of a late winter picture, the roads might be clear enough soon. Good fenders and less cars. Timing is everything when it gets this close to the real racing, a week from saturday is number one. 



This week it all changes, maybe get to the race on Sunday, that would be nice but if not better things to come. New wheels everywhere, special in their own right to test on the tundra. Maybe not a 2.5 hour commute, see if that can get a bit shorter, maybe 90 minutes, door to door. Mitts will be key, we'll see what other mistakes I can avoid. -8 today, I need all I have.