The season is getting going now. Bikes are just about dialed, at least the "A" bike is. The other is ready for whatever. The Second Season is First for more and more of us. I'd give it all for cross if I could. Why can't I?



I'm a little jealous of this horse. He has all he needs right there. His food? Check. His Coat? Check. What else would he need? I ride past him nearly everyday, at least twice and I'm envious of the simplicity he has that I don't. I've been clearing crap out for a while, getting rid of old parts, jerseys and bits that are clogging up the closet, attic and shed. I don't have a garage which I am OK with, more nooks and crannies to fill with extra stuff. eBay or giveaway, it doesn't matter to me. I just need to narrow the criteria for what gets to stay, and give that much more stuff walking papers.



I wouldn’t get called out like this clown who was probably riding a stupid fixed gear bike where he shouldn't be, but the point that there really are people like this makes me happy to not leave the house for days at a time (you might call them weekends) except to race or get more half and half. I wrap myself in my own little blanket, It keeps me warm.



Some times the pictures are clear whether it's the ones on the screens in my head or the ones I try to follow in a nice orderly linear path. This week was blurry all the way around. I only found clarity at the end of today, falling off my broken wagon and having the pictures in my head come into focus.


I am pandering here. This is the least common denominator.
Good day.


So appealing on many levels. Only embro to keep you cool on a day like this in a place like that.



Almost all of the winter gear is out, not much else to fish out of the bins. Listening to the snow bouncing off my helmet, the smile on my face keeps me warm. It echoes off the trees.



Some things are round,
Others have sharp edges,
I prefer the sharper side of things.
Much more black and white, less grey.


In it

The proper weather showed up a few hours later than I wished. This is good for the commute, racing in this is a hell of a lot easier when you train in it.


Chicken Dinner

I need to work on my starts a little bit. Saturday's was a good one, Sunday's start was piss -poor. Some of it within my control, some not. That's the difference between fighting for the win and fighting for the wrong end of the top 5.

a picture from Saturday

I stole this from six degrees to slush via 303cycling. This is Saturday.



The fact that America spends twice as much per person on healthcare as most European countries factors into whether or not I should have a snickers bar after my lunch ride draws an uncomfortable nexus between my fear of being fat and/or out of shape and the general state of my country. Should any of this concern me? I know that the line isn’t direct but I am a prisoner of my own thoughts. Can I do anything to fix these things in my head? Doubtful. Will a win this weekend change the chemical composition in my head to allay these fears? Perhaps for an hour, then it’s back to the obsession machine.



Sometimes it snowballs even while I'm asleep.

The 1000 tv screens wake me up even when they should be off,

This is one of those days, I'm not sleeping right now, I wish I was.

No nightmares, just a million thoughts on a thousand screens.


This is what my left leg looked like after 180 km last Wednesday, it was hard but I didn't feel crappy. I guess your first 150+ km day coming in September is about as good as you could get. I mean, I had all summer to ride and be fit. Now I stand around wondering when the other pain will become commonplace, is it this weekend or will it take a while. An hour at the limit instead of 6 hours wondering the limit is.


My all day jacket

I am shopping for a new rain jacket, the one or ones that I have all lost their water-resistant quality. It sucks, showers and I get soaked through, had a lot of that lately. Downpour? I might as well, jump in the river and be drier. There is a certain one that of course tops the list. Maybe next week.



I think if I ever was in a band I'd call it Brandenburg Gate,
We'd play a hard German post-punk style mixed with influence from TSOL, The Misfits and Interpol influenced rock. Songs about spies and love and suffering.


Outside looking out

I love when people say "I don't see gender, I just see people"
It's like saying "My heart is in the right place, but fuck I'm stupid."


I didn't know I knew that much, the real season is here,
The broken is gone and snowball is starting to roll.
Listen to the system, it's been going so long, it's here.
The vision is there, look thru the shit, pedal circles,
It's more efficient.


I had a moment of clarity yesterday, It was about 6.25 a.m. about the time where riding is OK, safe enough without real lights, maybe just a flasher to give the other road users a heads up. I didn't get hit though I didn't have a light it was more straight line than pinballing to get to the path for the work. As soon as I landed on the path it was safe(r) only moose and elk to deal with at that point, no slightly heavier motorized things to ruin my early morning. The clarity came in the form of a realization that I don't really enjoy unless I am recovering or still uncomfortable from something. If I'm not there I feel like I have left part of my day still on the table. I know for a lot of athletes the toil is the process, one comes to mind. He doesn't race, he used to, but instead he puts in mega-Ks all year, I bet he doubles me. He's also eccentric to the point of OCD, we all have our tics, mine are off the surface, sometimes quietly humming inside (mostly), other times popping up to fuel an after dark mtb training ride with a fading headlamp better suited to looking for your lost sock in the back of the closet.



This is what you get right now if you wait until it's too late to ride. Yeah, that's snow. It hurt the rain in the valley was so cold. I'm stronger now.



Holidays make me uncomfortable, something about them throws my rhythm off. I prefer the routine, it appeals to my affinity for institutional regimen. I'd almost prefer to work than have a random day off. Especially for something I didn't contribute to. Anyway, tomorrow is Bacon Day. Enjoy some for me.



I wonder if Sisyphus ever found enjoyment? I kind of enjoy the idea of constant work, the lack of variety is appealing in a way, push it up a never ending hill. Finished? Never.


1st Second Season

First organized effort of the Second Season is in the books. Little things show in the oddest places. Skills are there but not open enough to see how tank feels. I hope it all shakes out by the 19th. Freshness is there, after an abbreviated Summer of racing the tune is ringing in.