Harissa & Fuzzy Math

For the first time in a very long time I didn't eat too much Harissa. Over doing dinner isn't usually an issue but this Harissa, holy shit. Kind of a metaphor for my summer, too much on occasion spells crap for the following days. Like when you do 6-7 hour days and then expect the legs to show up on time when you want them to, as opposed to when they are ready. Miles doesn't always equal speed. And form isn't the sum total of your time and distance. This fuzzy math is always what slaps me in the face when I expect it to be hibernating. Like an ill-times encounter with a bear, only wrestling the bike up and over the hills results in less injury than an ursine encounter. I'm guardedly approaching cross, cleanly viewing my season as a total effort, not three separate ones. It's been winter melded into summer racing smeared into CX. We will see how that works out. I'm not looking to force anything, just hoping for good legs and clean, muddy races.



Somewhere in the pedals and away from the din today it all came clear. Clean and good with nothing much beyond a flat at 72 miles and rotten stomach around 102. Finishing made the head ground back to the beginning of the day and the other flat I had to deal with on the car and the picking up of kids. Equal parts reality and fantasy. In and out of the wind and crisp finishes to the day.



I lost the timfaia.com url because the email address attached to the godaddy account was cancelled when I lost my job. Bummer, I hope this post finds the very small group who read my words.
In the meantime it's now late summer and with cross coming I'm in purgatory, riding the mtb better than I think I have in a while and fighting the late season break down in gear, with the roads and bike paths too crowded to ride- it's dirt that's been the default destination, and last night's race showed just how much I've been riding the fat tires. A quick inspection after my legs earned a Stan's shower and I knew I pushed those tires one ride too far.
I want to have a good cross season but it's going to be battles better fought just to get there, I'm not really giving up on it just trying to justify the time gone and build up in my head for the intensity. I'm riding well and if someone decides to put on an uphill cross race, I'm in!
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-Thank you for reading.