TT tonight, Copper to Vail Pass with good cool weather and little wind. I did a 15.59, not bad I don't think it will win, I had to get home so I don't know the result. Good legs but I didn't finish very well, I wasn't paying attention to exactly how it finished so that may have cost a few seconds. I wish I knew how to time trial, that was the fourth one I have done my whole life. I had a good ride home from Copper, good legs and a good day of work, plenty of high end adn a good bit of steady tempo up to the start. The bike feels great and the Zipps rock! The best wheels ever! Beckham is the coolest thing when he gets his nightly bath, he just sits there and loves it! Giggles and talks and just enjoys the attention, just like his brother who enjoys a bath just as much! It should be a good weekend, fun hanging out with Shaubie who is off saturday and sunday and lots of good food! My tapeworm Brian will get his fill this weekend. I wonder what Joel is riding right now.


Tuesday night worlds, again only a few people. This one guy can't sit and ride he's always bouncing around on his seat. Beckham is the coolest thing since cross, he does this stretch thing where he brings his knees up and then curls his hands almost into his shoulder blades, the cutest thing ever! My legs really sucked today, Evan and I went hard for a few miles to drop the group (which took a bit of work) and the legs killed the whole time, too much mtb I guess. Evan is the best in a two man paceline, just perfect pulls. I wonder when the first cross race is? I can't wait to taste the mud! Tomorrow we goto Denver for another doctors visit, it will go well! I wonder if Joel is going to do another 20 hour ride this summer?


Fun mtb ride today with Evan. Good hard climbs and ripping descents. I really felt good on the downs and less than stellar on the ups. The bike is incredible! Everything is so dialed it just feels like home, x/c for the bent bb and front derailleur. The wheels are just perfect and the position has never been better! I wish I could ride it more but the road machine is just so much better for fitness. 5 in a row, I doubt Lance will get 6.


Well the race was ok, I came 2nd, some guy from Nebraska took me. I hate losing especially in a race I can win. I was able to run the water crossings really well, a good hill climb (2000 feet) that has four or five water crossings that were knee deep. Cross is only two months away! I took plenty of shit for losing to a flatlander. I did all I could but he just made the pace hard enough that I couldn't get around him. I made a 20-30 foot section of balance beam over a mud bog, good skills! I made the last climb that was really steep without dabbing. Not bad but not great either, I opened up my lead in the series to 30 points. Tim G was third so it's pretty much a two horse race now for the overall.


Tuesday night group ride, nothing great. A few people but mellow pace with a bit of work on Swan. The legs feel good, hopefully tomorrow I'll go well, cross is only two months away. Thursday I do the mtb camp, I hope the kids enjoy it. I know the route will be really good!


I rode Straight Creek today, it was really good, the race shouldn't be more than 50 minutes. It's about a k longer than the last time I raced it three years ago. It goes all the way up to the Eisenhower Tunnel. I hope the legs show up this week! If I'm going well I'll be very happy! The Tour has been just amazing, finally a real race. I remember following the race in 1989 when your one bit of coverage was on Good Morning America, and they never really even knew what they were talking about! 9 seconds, Lemond over Fignon, maybe another tight finish? It makes me really miss the road stuff, even though all we have are crits it's still road racing!!! The few road races we have are classics.
5 Things about Me 1. I only started drinking coffee three years ago 2. I love my dog so much but I don't make enough time for him 3. I don't eat red meat because I like the way cows look, peaceful and intelligent 4. I would love to have a dairy farm, but I don't drink milk 5. I do enjoy cheese
I wonder if Jan is going to ruin the streak? The last two stages show that he has the horses to. I think Lance is overrated, but his preparation for the Tour is pretty impressive, four years ago he was a freak for doing all of the scouting but now they all do it. Oh well, it's good to see a real race for a change. Tyler Rocks!!!
I really regret getting kicked out of typing class in 10th grade. It was just bad luck but I should buck up and buy a tutorial so I can make entries. I need to learn more mac stuff, I guess a blog will indirectly help me with this. I rode Keystone and the singletrack on the mountain was great, perfect amount of rain to make the trail perfectly tacky! The best parts aren't even hidden at the top of the hill! There are some good trails up top, but fun stuff that isn't just for the DH kids near the lower half is pretty good. I wonder what Joel is riding right now...