The woods are still, winter quiet and only interrupted by the odd animal or skier shuffling through. I can't entirely relax right now, knowing what is a month away and especially what is 6 months away. I can't be satisfied with the status quo, I want more, I want to ride up the Aubisque, but I have my own passes close by, Shrine will see more traffic from me as soon as the snow fades, but I still want to trade it for the opportunity to pedal the Colombiere, the Mortirolo and the Gavia. Shrine, Vail, Fremont, Loveland are here, and have been done, I want a new one.



All winter long I want more of one thing and not the other until it gets through the thick head and layers of wool that all work is good work. Quietly sliding through the woods is every bit as good in February as pedaling, just get out!



I wish Winter offered this kind of clarity on the path. This shot was from October 5, a long way back but a snapshot of the Winter to come.
The variety of Winter is getting me through February, one more alternative than Summer, the 2 sets of skis offer the logical choice but the Bike is never far away. With these tools in the shed how can I leave Winter outside fitness? When it snows happy to have the roads snowpacked, enjoy it on the proper terms, getting my time on the margins, getting through without drama and stress, life has enough without throwing fitness into that pot.



Quiet lunch today push it out after a rough few weeks to slide in the woods, 1:1, the skis are the vehicle, I get to drive, sort of. New snow opens up the lungs and cleans the slate, no splash off the front tire for a few days. Maybe a pre dawn trip to the trees tomorrow, tempt fate if I can do that. Although I think mine is on the front of a Suburban.



The rides have been good, the skiing solid too, but the more winter wears on I look for the little pieces of warmth. No need to be cold only dress better, whatever it is there's no need to not be cold. I want the warmth from the elements, sun and air warming not cooling.




Sneaking thru the gaps, getting into the spaces in between. Maybe the spaces can be bigger and get filled with work, the more the better, maybe a few 4 four gaps? Deep fresh snow was enough to get me out on the skis today. A little push out the door, a few laps on a great touring loop, some work and a lot of happy quiet sliding. I can only imagine how crowded the ski area was, I saw 2 people, and that was right at the trail head.



Special circumstances call for special actions. The week couldn't have been harder, now with the weekend on tap I have windows to jump thru. We'll see if they slam shut before or after I get there.



When the sides push in and the middle is full The margins are the only place left, function carefully,
You always can tell what's coming up if you're looking ahead.



Winter is in control right now, I have all of the tools close at hand, the schedule only allows certain trips to the well. I'm comfortable, happy in my skin, covered as it is head to toe, everyday. The idea of crisp warm sun on my bare (white, really white!) legs is so foreign I can't get my head around it. I know at some point the weather will turn in my favor, just not for a LONG time. For now it's clear that I need at least 2 or 3 ways to get there, Spring will come, just not soon enough.


The little slices of work are adding up nicely, far away from the first tests and putting to right a winter's worth of motivation. Skis, wheels all are getting me to the same place.



Maybe the coldest day I have ridden, possibly ever, it felt right anyway, the legs turned over and the only chill was in my fingers, towards the end it was frozen eyes, refreshing. The way across is the only way I know to bridge fall and spring. Too far from summer and too nondescript; the ice and snow only succeed in making me want to go farther.



What is important inside is less outside. Still, I plow thru the ice and fresh snow slowly, Looking for the warm light, less and less of the cold and grey. More of the warmth instead of ducking in and out layers, Thin it out and clean the legs with the pedals. When I was younger work was foreign, nowhere familiar. With the fear of slowing down the urge for work has grown, Now it is my blanket, a little space heater I can rely on, The skis right now are the wall I plug the heater into. The bike soon enough again.