Sloppy, slick singletrack was more fun than race, the berms took a lot of skill out of it, kind of like a water slide, decide when to go, but I picked the wrong time. Fun anyway. Form is hiding. Too hard to get out of the County this morning. Just should have stayed down and raced some more, instead of yesterday's 3.5 hours to go 70 miles that took it out of me. Stayed home and enjoyed early winter with a foot plus of fresh. It's here, get out the trainer.



The cold is here, 6 the other day, low teens today, it's on. I need to fix my winter bibs, the hole in the thigh (from chub-rub) and the blown leg zipper (from my thankles) Instead I'll gear up and shut up and ride. 3 more weekends. Then a little break.



I had the flow, the laps were quick, WB was faster. My leak was somewhere in between.



Ride this way and then turn, if you do it right it works out. If not, you have to stop and lose a lot of time to fix what is keeping you from doing it right. I did that today. Burped the tubeless pretty well, almost flat, maybe 10 psi. Better days, form is coming around. Rolling the wheels well, just need to study the track a bit better, 2nd place on an OK day. Good enough for now.



The hours on the road and path have me thinking about what is rolling under me, I swear I saw a sram shifter out there today. Odd finds make the time go. My head goes away and sits back on the beach, coming back to now when I need to think about getting across this piece of ice or to avoid that elk carcass. Ice is less important, roll straight, if it grabs the front wheel, well, there you go.



I missed the shot, the little prairie dog was faster than my camera. He did look happy though.



Rhythm and routine are always appealing. Consistency, training for the next one. Enjoying the process. I try to resist change, catching myself struggling to look forward to different; holidays, vacations, different stuff. I have set myself with a rhythm I like. Clear the head, open the window. Put me back on my bike. Get the legs back under me, pedal on.



The boy has now done three races, 2 crits and a cross. He loves it and makes me feel more proud than I ever have been, of anything.



Finally just cold, not so wet, for now. Bundled and dry. Better.


I did try to race. Without much high end I rode around and then the race was over. Better work to come.



Good nights are taking the place where evening rides where pushed to dusk. 5 p.m. is when the sun is gone and all of the snow has the work more in staying upright than keeping the watts high. No complaints, more work to get out early before the cars and the mercury get up. Slip slide to get the work. I saw on the velonews that some guy is selling neoprene mitts to put over your road bars for winter riding, for only $60, wow, found a set to use on the mountain bike for $11 plus maybe $4 shipping. I found mine from a snowmobile supply house, black ripstop nylon, fleece lined-perfectly warm. 



Keeping the knots from tangling all up in the last month of what counts. I feel like the ropes are all laying in a pile and I am trying to weave an easily untied mat. Not the easiest thing when a little inattention spells days of stretching and slowly pulling out the tangles.




It was a funny thing, she put the plant in the bathroom, we use different bathrooms, mine is downstairs, I'm all for the health of the plant, however, I would prefer to not poop in a jungle setting, I just did just that for a week. Sweaty, you know... Certain boundaries are healthy, I'm over the issue, I don't even notice the spider plany tickling my back as I deuce. I am an adult after all, sort of...



As if there wasn't enough reason to vote, and support a REAL change. I know, a little Utopian to believe that things could really be THAT different. But when there is only one way to go, UP is where our next president is going to take us, way UP!


Back into the wireless world, 8 days out in the blue/green, good things happen when you leave it all and live out of pocket. Warm water and all of 15 minutes of satellite TV to hear the good news, McSame lost! Amazing, I thought the Right was going to steal another one.