better days are here, sunday begins the racing, the season is already old. lost is found and roads are dry, trails? maybe by june.


half full

lighter pockets the last day has me sleeping less, great short day with lots of tempo. whatever the reason is i'm going up hill well, or it seems to be. for march. sunday? oh no, we'll see how the winter really was. how the lack of training hurt the engine. finished off the ride in the snow, climbing up into the clouds, the end of a good day of training, a good day of not being lazy. i always like the end of those rides where i don't feel like i can do another effort, empty.



better bones takes his hits, better to be two up than three down. getting down there is the key, the pieces fit. 3 egg breakfast w/ bacon and almost a whole pizza for dinner i will get up to 1.5.


out on the bike at 4.45 today, got in a bit of pace before work, not a bad way to start the day, i felt like ludo or serge doing the work before going to work at the factory. the belgies do it right. i appreciate the ethic. maybe i'll mount up the good lights and try for more of it as the weather gets better. it's supposed to turn to shit today so i had to get thru my window while it was open. i want, but i know i can't have. wheels and bikes dance thru my head, i want to consume but only on my terms, my deals, easier said than done. regardless i have a great bike that works just fine, the wheels may fold beneath me but that's racing. i have been reading what the pros do who are under time constraints, with wiser training schedules and better laid plans, i am no longer trying to be full pro but why not adopt that theory? focus is always better. two easy days and then a few hours of pace a week. it adds up. i have the program, use it. i guess we'll see what happens on sunday and go from there.



fixt trying for a slick 66 tomorrow if it arises. at least a slick, fixt hour or two. the body is ready to go, the house has flu but i don't. tamiflu is the shit. stock up if you live anywhere on earth. avian flu (h5n1) will wipe us all out if we don't get this shit out there. i can't wait for the conspiracy theorists to run with this one. what a load of tripe.


A new place

a new place to read about whatever is going on in the world. i like it so far. check it out. radker


you play?

hey this is the place where you belong, it's not too far from anywhere, look around and you'll see that it takes to make the work stick. first donut today in i don't know how long. no claws-my loss there. raspberry twists, goddam that's good. got thru the day yesterday by laying low and eating smart, the twist would have hurt me yesterday. i was so tired i felt sick. that sucked, second time in three years i was sick on the ides of march. raw fish last night with shaubie and b was the best, perfect celebration of being home.


ice not sand

too much ice today for the trip to be very relaxing. my fading handlebar light didn't help me spot the sketchy spots. one warm day and the ice just moves out of the shadows that were once dry. without a good headlight it gets more challenging. at least i got to ride, my day to ride the amount i need, normally i don't set distance goals but today i need to get it done. alternatives means are not an issue. i'm ready to get the season started. another long day and then maybe race next weekend. i'm ready.


paddling into one of my first waves made me feel like a kid again. a year since i last surfed, and too long before that to really ponder, the last time of real surfing may have been the last trip in mexico in '99. the pull as the waves grabs the board, pushing down the face. perfect, like a snowboard turn in fresh powder, it feels right. sitting out there in the line up scanning the horizon for the next bump to roll in, mellow locals for the most part didn't really hog the waves. i can't wait to get back.



suffered in the cold the other morning, managed two and half hours after sitting on the beach for a week. proper way to greet my return to training. the legs were good though a bit gummy. riding the hills outside the fort felt good, the descent out of there was cold, shivering on the bike was not so smart.


as happy as i am to be home it's always tough to leave summer and return to winter. good stuff down there, great little waves and plenty of cool things to see. i really like the their pace, we fantasized the whole time about winning the lottery and staying for a month or more at a time. we came home to colder weather than before we left and a thick fresh blanket of snow. no need for a car the whole week and no want for much of anything but sunscreen. pics were too many to narrow right now.


bad dairy

i don't know if it was the cream cheese or the half and half that may have smelled like mayo, again. but whatever it was it set up camp in my lower g.i. and didn't want to leave. pretty awful stuff. i wasn't sick, everybody near me was. i did get in a few minutes on the bike, after the trip i'm ready to tackle a few days outside on the fixy, the roads look to be less stupid now that we have had a thaw. maybe i'll get out to the desert for a few days of riding, all of this sounds so very good, the season will be a long one.



my feet feel really big today, maybe it's the thought of being barefoot for a week or the thought of getting out but big feet make me think of taking giant steps. hopfully not misdirected ones. sunday it starts, when we return it's back to the search. something is out there. this is all exacerbated by the longest shooting star i have ever seen, i watched it for probably 15 seconds dashing across the sky in front me as i rode this morning. i like the idea of meteors falling in front of me on the trip to work, it makes me feel better about the world, that things are little less ordered, the pattern is not predetermined. i have wanted to be superstitious but i just can't believe that doing one thing over and over will alter the outcome, maybe that's why i lack real ocds.



it's coming, time to drop off the radar for a while, get my shit together and find a new spot. this blog may still be here but maybe i'll change it up a bit. i like the more anonymous blogs.