Sometimes the arms raise up out of the bed and (maybe it's the bed itself) hold me down for a 6 or 7 hours, 8 just doesn't happen but when a good night gives you the chance... I have my pieces and my fog. Now, I have the chemistry of a good sleep coursing through the micro tears to repair them, like a slow leak. I'll try to put the puzzle together.



Emptying the tank just enough everyday, a little fuel left, forage for the rest. 


In and out

I rode in with this, the right amount of time, recipes seem to come together with so many fresh views. Only cooked at bit more into a wonderful little stew. Pieces of the octopus added in for good measure. Looking clearer, the week of rain has left us with fog in to the day, not on either side but right into the middle. Listen, regular Spring? No complaints...


I love my mullet

Perfect machine to get work done in the rain. Comfortable to a fault. Stable as a mountain goat on Adderall.


Struggling to get the taste of sleep out of my mouth and start the day rolling. Press pot instead of espresso, it's quieter. Less chance to wake up the house, and it offers a little early morning solitude.



I never really got to the place that was comfortable, going from the ease of the neutral start to a muddy steep jeep road climb, I found myself on the front for most of it, till T-Brown and Kelly passed me just before the top. The legs got going better than the lungs, fluid only in the phlegm. That started the high range suffer that lasted almost three hours. A solid time for 50k went out with the flat less than 5k from the finish. Lacking any real rhythm and good air I resorted to a tube in the tire to limp in well off the time I had going. The long descent to the finish would have been impossible with an empty front tire. The phlegm and rain added to the mix making it into a pleasant pancake batter in spots. The few times the sun peeked out the air got sweet and tasty. Candy to breathe. Like jumping up and down on a see-saw, never sure if the plank is going to be there. Every turn around a rock outcropping a mystery. Fluid in the phlegm, finished and wet, limped back to town.


I know that tomorrow my mitochondria will get a solid workout. I can already taste the blood...



I pissed off a crow the other day. It was standing on the side of the path as I rolled by, on the other side, a few meters away. Whatever it was it didn't like what I did, he chased me for about 200 meters and swooped down two or three times. More fascinated than scared, I accelerated a bit and our conversation was over.



Opening up and throwing it out there in the rain. I have the rain cape but it ends there, cold and wet, I should have worn a latex suit, mmmmm. that sounds comfy.



I sat there.
Without any clear idea, I sit down and pedal. The doors are open almost as much as the windows. Visiting places I know are good for the head, better for the legs. Somehow holding the line is easy right now. My pieces of time are adding up and the sun keeps me going. I feel like a plant, my own photosynthesis inside the system. 


Maybe it's laziness or time to do epics, but my list of long rides is short. Every year with spring comes Firecracker 50 goals. What's this year?



Weeks into the season and I see the promise of the work I did over the Winter. Smarter and cleaner, clearer and faster.



I like this one too. It sort of fits, you know?


Virgin ride. The bike is unreal. it climbs like a mountain goat on PCP.


Some of the rides are more memorable than others the legs, the pushing, the smell. Heavy wind on top of the ridge made it smell like rain, which never came, barely any mud that I could find until hours later. Searching the cleaner line through the smooth, round rocks, focusing on the less severe, pretending I was water trying to flow over, around and through. 


Thin Lines

I saw the broken down car on the side of the road and I wondered if it was going to be me soon. Pieces strewn on the shoulder. Bike for the car, not smashed just failed. We break down or sometimes just break. Trying to beat the breakdown by putting the system under stress enough to make it stronger, not weakening to the point of failure. Thin lines between under stress and overtrained.


Get on the train

I feel weak today. Little sharp edges are getting worn down. Leaving behind a smooth sheen stuck in the wind. The acid and aches are waste, like cooking down meth, 5 pounds of waste for 1 pound of product; a bit like training. 



In Australia they have these toads that cover everything and people can't drive without squishing 1000s, today it was worms, the first real rain of the season saturated the ground pushing the worms out of their labyrinth. Washing the bike tonight I scraped them off the rims, chainstays and crank arms. Delicious. Rolling through the worm field I hoped it would smell like fresh dirt, it didn't robbed of the subtle spring smells I look for at 9000 feet instead it was a sickly smell of rotting filth.


Closer Look

White trash mocha after a thorough afternoon flogging. Fudge the clock the wrong way and there you go. Do work, son. Clearing out the pre-ride cobwebs to replace them with lactic acid ones. Sleep deprivation studies in the middle of a bloc. At this point I might as well sign up for a 25 hour race. I should do an extra hour. Clicking through the ink misses the octopus, simpler to get it all done with one. Replace the empty spaces with full(er) cubes, less uniform geometric shapes, the hours aren't always 60 minutes, sometimes they get to 67 minutes other times 53. Average it out, makes for less insanity. Enjoy all the pieces in the fake random order they arrive in. Random? I doubt it, there is a rhythm, look closer.



Somehow the work got done. While avoiding H1N1, I love our friend the pig.

The birds out on the path had feathers and worms to keep them warm. I had pedaling through slush and layers. At least they were fed. I'm still chilly and hungry.



If this was luck, I think it's beautiful! 29ers  are the way, my way for sure.



Really good suffering today. It felt good, legs worked, bike worked, now I feel like dog food.