One day without audio or video, it's all out there I just need to get it. Tomorrow turns around, the biggest months are coming and the season isn't far off, at all. I listen closely and feel the fresh air, a little warmer and fading bite of winter, I know we have more coming, just a bit less.



Thanks to Jeff for making the morning a bit smoother. New gear to test on the commute. It was long and slow today, 2.5 hours with not a whole lot of stopping, just pushing through a foot of fresh. I felt slow the whole time, and sweaty. Not enough vents on a warm morning. I feel like I did 4 hours on the bike. Maybe 5. More than a few broken dishes.




I don't think winter is getting old as much as I think I need to get out in it more. The snow is great, use it for something other than snow-shoveling workouts.



I saw a lady run a kid over on the sledding hill today, we left soon after, "you can't fix stupid" is the line that comes to mind from a famous comedian. It looked like the kid got his leg broken, I don't think it was. Rollers, weather too fickle to pick a quiet pursuit. I feel good about the world, little fixes for a faster future.



Sleeping, napping thru winter, I sort of feel like a bear, hibernating, barely getting in and out of days. It becomes frustrating, not having the pedals right there. Indoor solutions.



I don't know where this road is but I know want to find it and ride it both ways. It is somewhere in the Pyrenees, I think. They have good bread and coffee there. I need to find this climb. The more I ride the more I want to go ride new roads, like this one.



This sort of goes along with Georgia's post the other day. Pretty good stuff. I stole it from Pan-Dan very good reading if you like that kind of thing.



Looking for the clearing in between the blocks. Too much fixed, not enough free; time and bikes. New treats at home, we'll see how the maiden effort comes out tonight or tomorrow. In time it all gets easier, the sadist fades into the rhythm of good (better) weather rides. Right now, I should pretty much shrink wrap myself.



The never ending train, once it starts it's all I can do to keep it going. Slowing down only makes it harder to start up again. Pushing through the harder days to get at the easier ones. All of them are good, as long as the soup is good, all is good. Fun everywhere right now with the early races up in the air, the base work gets an extra few weeks.



So much new stuff out there on the webs, that it's hard not to steal the most fun new thing I have found, today it's this, piss your pants funny. I like it a little too much, I keep reading it and laughing at the same things.



Recovering faster than I can load them up. Fitness is good for mid February. Mmmmm March racing isn't too far off.



Sometimes the pieces fit, this was one of those. Enough to feel like I did something, not too much as to break some dishes. Good work, feeling out the mid-winter legs. Amazing Thai food for dinner, a 1554 completes it. Good enough. Winter is good, legs too.



Not that far off, the light is starting to shine at the end of the tunnel, one long ass tunnel though.


Not enough hours in the day to get the dots lined up. Maybe more of a straight line later on but for now it looks like a connect the dots black hole drawing, I know my place, I just don't always feel satisfied in it. Better? Yes, this year. Do work.



The opposite of work is work.


Little bits are out of tune. Other ones fit ideally. Almost all of the pieces are together for '08, little things still to come but nothing that can keep the train off the tracks.



It's a long way off but I can't help thinking about my favorite thing.
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I wonder if Big Brothers would take a guy like this? Who knew what to think. Seeing the car flipped over on my way to work was pretty wild, people just standing around in the middle of the road, no cops or rescue workers were at the scene. I pedaled by and they looked at me like I was crazy. I wasn't the one hanging out in the of the road at 7.30 in morning. Icy roads aren't bad if you have studs. I do.



More weekend parts.

Weekend parts

Weekend photo dump. Quiet sports Friday-Saturday.

More work

Quietly getting through, nothing is really wrong, little issues slow the work a bit, not too much, not high volume, high quality is worth the effort. I feel the winter work adding up. Good things to come in Spring. More work today, always more.



Quietly checking off the list, the mtb rides are now mini-epic ski tours. An hour on the bike is usually two-three on wax. Getting another today. Putting together the 'o8 program has been fun, new stuff on the way, mmmm fresh bits to replace the cooked. Might as well get it done now.



The see-saw is balanced right now, better things and the work is working. No promises until April, all build up for now. I almost fall off every day, close, pretty close but the balance returns and the see-saw steadies. Listening to the sounds, go off to hear more. Perfect. Quiet. Wind and dark aren't enough to stop the process as the season wears on.


Socked In

Got it done last night on the rollers after work and then went to the cluster f*ck that was the caucus. It felt cool to be a part of the process, I guess it took a really shitty president to get this many people involved this time around. Sad, but true, I think. Rollers are again on the menu. Do work. I don't see the break in the clouds, too cold and wintry here to look for Spring. Three weeks from Sunday is test #1. Little pieces are coming together to build something bigger.



Count on good old Tavin to brighten up Tuesdays in the dead of winter. Is it warm and sunny anywhere?


Longer View

Coming together to build a solid foundation doesn't happen in a binge of pedals and food. Laying out in front of me the pieces to see the calendar as the spring season approaches and the light between the cracks fade, sometimes after dark, sometimes daylight. But always with the longer view.



I have lust for good weather or the weather that allows good base work to get done. I can manage another month and after that the juggling will really begin. Go out to get in the time. Go down the hill to get it done a lot easier. Other than that the rollers and the running takes it. Have you tried to run more than an hour? I think that makes me a runner if I do that, I am not a runner. I hope to get the program dialed and the base filled. Maybe fast boy fenders is looking for a guy in Colorado to product test.