Broken Dishes

I think I broke more dishes on Saturday than I did today but today just seemed better. Maybe the workman like pace today-a shorter ride made it feel like I had done more. Saturday (ButterGold '17) was just a smile for 5 hours, riding bikes with some of the best people I have ever met. 90 degrees and practically no shade or breeze. Today was different, the pace and the definitive destination and timeframe we had that made it feel more like training. Quietly riding up the pass, trading pulls as the air got clear and cold. Good legs, good pace, no gloves, the broken pavement rolling past made the effort better. Going thru the top still a long way from home made me smile, like when you swim just a bit farther out than you think you should and you have do the mental arithmetic to get back in, safely. Coming home surprisingly unfazed by the ride I was doing tempo the last 45 minutes. A smile earned not made, sunshine and finally a comfort in the legs that only comes from hours of good work.