Yesterday's Race


I am wondering where the singlespeed fits in with the geared bikes. I have a few results where the times were close but sometimes even under a great effort the time is modest. Time is really all that matters. If I was faster it would be good to race the geared guys on one speed. If there are laps without substantial extended climbing sure, but on true Colorado courses that climb for 20 minutes at a time I'm just over matched on the way down. It keeps the drive, it allows me to not measure up, keeps that self loathing turning over in my head, push, push, push.


PA Gulch Grind

Tunnels and rivers tonight in the race. I am a weeknight warrior, Saturday was OK on Mt. Evans but tonight in a full-on downpour I rode it like I wanted to. Not since some races eons ago in the East have we had these conditions, it's overused but I suppose you could saddle it with that word, alright I guess I'll use it...epic. Weather that makes you question everything, thunder and lightning too close, ride faster and hope you aren't in the bolt's path. I managed to burp a tire and not lose too much air/time and without a CO2 it was limp in and enjoy the earned hypothermia. High point of 11,129 feet, in a weeknight race. Pretty cool.
Leaping thru what should be longest days of the year have me wondering where it went. No injury so far in the season to take away weeks of pedaling. Just a steady grind on the system. Thoughts of an epic ride are at the front. How far can I go?


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Freecaster helped me get away from the Tour overload today. Watching the World Cup from Champery was awesome, just a beautiful course, I pictured myself rolling thru the root sections and dreaming of the sharp climbs and techy descents. My legs feel beaten up and battered, Mt Evans saw to a thorough humbling.


Mt Evans

I wasn't able to get to the dark place on Mt Evans today, I was riding my bike happily uphill for a few hours. A little too much more than 2 hours though. I found a rhythm in the last 5 miles of 27. Better than going there in the first 5.



When so much of my time on the saddle is on the margins the day's light is precious. Now a month past the solstice it's clear what's coming soon. Somehow warmer days but less light in them. Pushing and pulling the margins out when they only want the opposite. I can't win but won't stop, can't stop.



The clock ticks in my head as the pedals are pushed into the fog. Time is getting shorter, the days are the same length but somehow there's less of them.




Seen on the road today:

Philadelphia Experiment


Letting the blood flow today, somehow yesterday it was blocked. All coming out in the wash. I know enough to know that it was a fluke. Bad days come in and can linger if you let them. This time it was a one day visit. I wonder if people who cut would get the same reward out of a proper climb?