I have a twitch in my left leg, I wonder if the wiring is failing, maybe I shorted something out. The more I ignore it the less it doesn't go away. I try to stretch it out and get the muscles cleaned-more fuel maybe?



What good can come from someone this useless? It's a shame there aren't more large predators.



Would it have been historically incongruous for a movie like Dazed and Confused made in 1993 to reference a prior movie like Colors made in 1988? I can picture Rory Chochrane's Ron Slater quote the scene when the gang members are smoking crack in the van when Don Cheadle's Rocket says "Rocket don't smoke" while taking a bong hit.


Into it

I found a wall today, it was the one I was looking for the last few days. Somehow I managed to avoid running into it until today. No near misses, this one was a direct hit. Ja, it was reinforced too, I didn't budge the thing one bit. Now, the cells rebuild into a recovered semblance of order. There is no randomness, chaos has order, look closer.



Obituaries would be a lot more interesting if they told you how the person died.


Mental Yard Sale

I keep trying to empty my pockets, the crap fills them up.
Less is less, that less is more bullshit is just that, crap.
Go out and get the clearance done, have a mental yard sale.


The grind

Wednesday night Worlds-Summit County style. One of my favorite courses, just a bit too much descending for my tastes. Going uphill was great, the suffering was beautiful, couldn't have felt better on the climbs, going down I was like a frightened goldfish. The bike, was great, tires were fine, the nerve? Not so much. Fortunately it was more up the first half that allowed me to gain enough of a gap on the chasers that rolling in 3rd I was uncontested. I feel better about cross now. There at least I know the skills are better than the dirt and the engine is only getting tuned.


There's not enough room in the day-it seems like the wheels never stop long enough to get them trued. Keeping them turning is a job in and of itself. Master of nothing.



Bright spots in tunnel vision, Keeping the trees separate from the rabbit holes.



Locked out, forcing open the door just isn't possible,
The window is going to be unlocked tomorrow,
After that we'll carry the keys all the time.



I finished Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk about a week ago and moving through Joe Parkin's A Dog in a Hat pretty fast it was time to start looking for another one. I've wanted to read Chuck Klosterman so I went to the library to see what they had. The librarian has been the same hag forever, she was the one who 12 years ago kept you off the computers to check email before I had a home computer. Paying $2 to use the internet for 45 minutes sucked but it was my only option. I decided to get a book that wasn't there but at another branch, reluctantly she offered to get the book held at the Breckenridge branch. While I was standing at the counter she called that branch and did everything in her power to NOT say the title of the book. It was there and they are holding it but without being sure the librarian on the other end wanted to make sure that it was the right book, she told the librarian the code in whatever new dewey decimal system they use and finally had to say "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs" I smiled as she said this, the only better title I can think of is if I asked her to get Arthur Nersesian's The Fuck Up.


10 pounds

Trying to cram 10 pounds of work into a 5 pound bag. Among the the bigger not dead trees the beetles probably won't get to I saw the spinal column (pictures to follow) of a large beast. I would have stopped but I was busy suffering, cleaning Little French felt good; skills, gas and focus. Not really choosing to ride that way is a mistake. It's perfect and I made friends with an old descent from a long time ago. Beautiful rooty, wet, tight singletrack that made me smile, hovering on the mud, drifting across the roots, better? Never.



Up to the top of the hill twice today, I like the longer intervals when you run out of hill.The two big elk and snowshoe hare didn't too bothered by the buy on the bike passing them a few times. I wondered what they thought of the whole thing, intervals at almost 12,000 ft seemed like a good idea to me. Finally a good weather day to take an evening ride.