I never really got to the place that was comfortable, going from the ease of the neutral start to a muddy steep jeep road climb, I found myself on the front for most of it, till T-Brown and Kelly passed me just before the top. The legs got going better than the lungs, fluid only in the phlegm. That started the high range suffer that lasted almost three hours. A solid time for 50k went out with the flat less than 5k from the finish. Lacking any real rhythm and good air I resorted to a tube in the tire to limp in well off the time I had going. The long descent to the finish would have been impossible with an empty front tire. The phlegm and rain added to the mix making it into a pleasant pancake batter in spots. The few times the sun peeked out the air got sweet and tasty. Candy to breathe. Like jumping up and down on a see-saw, never sure if the plank is going to be there. Every turn around a rock outcropping a mystery. Fluid in the phlegm, finished and wet, limped back to town.

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