I had a moment of clarity yesterday, It was about 6.25 a.m. about the time where riding is OK, safe enough without real lights, maybe just a flasher to give the other road users a heads up. I didn't get hit though I didn't have a light it was more straight line than pinballing to get to the path for the work. As soon as I landed on the path it was safe(r) only moose and elk to deal with at that point, no slightly heavier motorized things to ruin my early morning. The clarity came in the form of a realization that I don't really enjoy unless I am recovering or still uncomfortable from something. If I'm not there I feel like I have left part of my day still on the table. I know for a lot of athletes the toil is the process, one comes to mind. He doesn't race, he used to, but instead he puts in mega-Ks all year, I bet he doubles me. He's also eccentric to the point of OCD, we all have our tics, mine are off the surface, sometimes quietly humming inside (mostly), other times popping up to fuel an after dark mtb training ride with a fading headlamp better suited to looking for your lost sock in the back of the closet.

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