The road bike was not the best choice, I climbed higher and the snow was more a majority of the road, it got to the point where, coverage was 100% and tripoding through was going to be the only option. Late winter still, I don't know when spring gets here, I guess that's when you don't get 2-3 foot storms. I saw the big elk standing near the roadside but he was less interested in me than I was him, he barely looked up from eating the Krokus as I suffered past. Too much in O2 debt to react if he decided I was invading his space. Either way I went on, no reaction. Higher up the marmots and pika were out only slightly more aware of my presence. Over the top and down into town, kicking along where I thought the bike might be taken out from under me by the slush/snow. I wouldn't have wanted it easy, that made the ride better, sure the cross bike with studded tires might have been really stable and almost as fast but this was the ride I had.

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