I wasn't nervous at all, it all came together in the span of one cross race. A first row call up followed by a clean start and after going around the first turn just before the first stretch of dirt I was sitting in fifth, I thought 'Wow, there's half the race.' On the end of the lap was the sandpit, about 10 meters of deep soft sand, first time thru I went around two guys there to take the lead, not really knowing how well I would do I wanted to at least lead on one lap, that way I had a decent position, I lead the whole second lap, going into the sandpit somehow I missed my grab and suddenly I was standing a meter away from my bike, moving first to fifth, a bit of an effort to catch the lead bunch that was quickly separating from the rest. Ok, I got my mistake out of the way. Now, don't F anything else up. Rolling thru the laps we had a group of five. Two or three really fast out of town guys, who didn't want to be out of the lead, made it easier for me just to follow wheels and not do too much work in the wind. Without letting more than two guys in front of me I started to think of the result, the red zone wasn't ever that far away but I didn't have to go there until the last lap, Will Black attacked hard up the hill, Sitting second wheel I weathered it and made the second last dismount without trouble still sitting second I dealt with another attack from Will and then going into to the last dismount (the sandpit) I ran hard around the outside and got into the pedals and jumped hard to make the road stretch to the finish, getting there in first I put in 20 hard pedal strokes and looked back to see no one. My biggest win ever, against guys who win nationals, me? Now, Portland/Seattle? Do I try to get out there for the USGP stop in PNW? Regardless, it's a great season with a lot of results I can use to get me out next year when the weather sucks. My goals for the day didn't seem realistic after the race separated, the podium was there and I didn't know it until I got out there and tested the legs.


Anonymous said...

Nice work, I am happy for you.


gwadzilla said...

that is awesome!

great barriers

who set up that course?
Paul Bunyan?