I missed the call this year, not setting up a real mud/snow day set of tubulars. Yesterday combined with the Blue Sky Cup a month ago put to right why that was a mistake. On a borrowed clincher (first time racing them since September) I rolled the front tire on an off camber high speed section while off the front with the eventual Winner. I earned 9 months of motivation yesterday, Road, MTB again is all gravy leading up to cross. Time to take a little break and get outside on the other stuff, no need to push 2010 yet, just get my shit together and make sure I have it all dialed for the fall.

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BobbyDiesel said...

Enjoyed watching you race this year, and I have learned much as well, which kind of scares me. Remember, if caught doing anything morally incorrect, it is best to say: "my name is Larry Grossman, from Addicted to Bicycles...."