2009 is almost in the rear view mirror, though I keep dwelling on the success' and failures. At this point racing is what gets me out on the bike when it's 15 degrees or gets me on the rollers when it's 0. Recovering from a broken shoulder took a lot more than the 6-8 weeks that was threatened. I'm still working on it. Oddly cross hurt less than cold commutes. 2 hard days of racing on the weekends was nothing compared to a 10 degree commute mid fall. Shitty recovery times at 40. Looking at 2010 I think the focus is going to be some longer training rides, the one long day I did with John was the highlight of the rides I did. Something about rolling along with good company for 6 hours made me want to possibly not do a few races in favor of a 5 hour day on the bike. Easily my longest ride in years; it left an impression. Some great races but not much can compare to 5-6 hours (or whatever it was) on great roads. So, I have a list of rides I need (want) to do next year. It's in pencil right now. Maybe make it a bit more permanent in the next few weeks. Little things to get me through to 2010 CX.

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Elgee said...

get your ass over here and ride the Burns Loop with us this spring. You'll dig it. Bring some of the Summit freeks with you.