I think today was either day 4 or day 5, whatever it was- I'm done with the break, I've forced my self to snack a little more, eat a bit more junk than I normally would, generally resist the training mindset. Instead of feeling refreshed and rejuvenated for being off the hook for a few days, I have rot gut from eating shitty food, dehydrated from being stupid, and generally ready to get back on the bike, skis, running shoes or whatever vehicle gets me to my Happy Place. If nothing else this has taught me to appreciate what I have set myself up to do. I twittered the other day how much I was enjoying dark chocolate peanut buttercups, I'm not alone, it's an OK vice, considering, but now they only succeed in turning my stomach, the instant gratification is gone, replaced by guilt and nausea. Maybe I'll find some new coffee to focus on, not much else is working. Any ideas? Heart? De la Paz? Stumptown? Any input on the options is appreciated.


I am Brian said...

Mmmm... Danger Monkey!

More on the "junk-food" side, I hesitated on trying these, being afraid they would be awesome... and they are;

devin said...

All junk food aside beer is my guilty pleasure.
They think that i am a freak at the new JOB because I snack and eat fruit and nuts all day,,,,,More room for beer later...


Now need to get the skis ready for tomorrow..

Elgee said...

I like to drive to Costco and get the 3 lb bag of Cheez-its with a 36 pack of coke. The only problem is that Costco stopped selling coke products about a month ago, and pepsi sucks. Eat and drink it all, it two sittings, then it's time for 2010 training to begin, after the huge crap bomb.