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Good starts both days gave a fair shake at the front to almost everyone. The courses allowed for good passing, Saturday from the gun I was able to move up to 2nd before the first dirt stretch, knowing the wood chips potential to derail a race I thought the extra energy was well spent. Little bit of feeling out in the first 10 minutes sprung 3 of us to a bit of a gap. Good enough for the others to let us go. 2 against 1, what's the line "Shake and Bake?" Will Farrell can't carry a movie. Anyway, I made the most of the clean shot at the front to pull a few clear. Seeing if the 2 GMS sports were feeling the race to attack and sit I let the next few laps happen. The big road climb featured heavily both days, knowing I could attack here and then recover if it didn't work. I went a little bit harder leading into it and turned the screw the little bit of daylight grew with 2 to go, on the gas and mantra in my head "efficiency and focus" I went into the red and stayed there a while. Win #1 of fall 2009.
Sunday was a harder course, where Saturday let the race decide the race, Sunday's course was far harder. Some running and techy bits made for a different race. Calm and comfortable off the start and rolling 3rd into the long descent and the amazing leadout from MudandCowbells only cemented a great start. Greg missed a turn leaving me in 2nd with a clear shot if I wanted into the decisive run up, I felt like stretching the legs a bit so I ran faster than I needed to on the run. From there the front was Chris Phenicie and Jon Cariveau (who I heard won CrossVegas' industry race, nice!) I guess Jon was yo-yo-ing a bit, Chris and I got to business as we did on Saturday to separate from everyone else. If Jon made it to us he didn't come around and pull so I think he drifted near us. The road climb was on the opposite side of the course from the run up so I had 2 spots to really put in a sustained effort. Patience and good legs let me choose when to go, 2 times left on the road hill and I checked out. Jon got around Chris to roll through for 2nd.
I don't have any pictures yet from saturday but this is what Sunday looked like. Sunny and cool, I was all the way around the course, pushed and pulled clear to a point. Thanks to BCS for the support and 6degrees2slush for the picture. Seems like the engine is just getting going.

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