I was sick all week, I spent 5 days at sea level, off the bike for 8 days. Pick one or pick the obvious answer-I just wasn't firing right. Good start, Keller doing his usual Good Shepherd thing to get us through the 1st lap and I felt OK, 2nd lap and things shifted a bit, I decided to lead a while and see how the skills were, the mud and my Fangos allowed me to get away a bit but I couldn't go deep. Phenicie bridged up and sat on a few laps before coming around with a 2 lap attack that I had only 1.5 laps to cover. POP! From there I had to recover from trying to cover and I realized we had left the bunch with a gap even in my slow-poking around the course nobody was coming across. Great course, hard as hell-I think.

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