2 for 4

Quieter days at altitude and smaller rides with a little more pain. A lot better this way, it is the second season after all, second only for the fact that it comes later in the year. Crispy mornings rushing through the different thermaclines, ducking into the next little valley hoping the sun heated it up a bit at 7.15 am. 16 degrees? OK, as long as the road isn't too icy.
Warm enough to roll through the work but not too cold to function. Empty the tank early in the week.
Then I saw a porcupine about the size of number 1 he was beautiful, big lumbering and yellowy brown. He smelled too, kind of a hippie BO smell, he just walking across the road looking for his dinner, slow, I want to move that slow this winter. I stopped to watch him a while even though I was mid effort. He kept his pace, didn't seem too interested in me wandering near by. He was just trying to get across the road. I tried to get a photo but it didn't come out. I wish I had a picture of his smell, that was impressive. I wondered if they had the skunk-spray ability, I know nothing about porcupines so I kept a 30-40 foot buffer. He went about his day and I went on my way soon to meet up with Smith as he was crossing the road going across Middle Flume, while I was rolling on the road bike. Pleasantries and cross chatter and I made my way home. 2 for 4 so far this year pretty good start.

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Elgee said...

that was patchouli oil you smelt. There is quite of following of that fine oil in Summit as I recall.