I hope glove design catches up to technology soon, there's no reason my gloves have to be that bulky. It wasn't that cold today (mid 20s) and my bulky Descente Wombat gloves were plenty warm but I could barely feel the bars. I like the subtle cush of the bartape and taper of the bar itself. There is little justification for near boxing gloves when it's in the 20s. I'm always searching for the ideal glove, any input would be welcomed. A comfortable low-loft glove that could go from 25-35 fahrenheit would be a staple. For now, it's usually too much or too little.

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jeff said...

couldn't agree more. I lost my mid-weight Pearl gloves at the Nordic center last winter. need to replace them. for now I only have summer full-finger xc gloves, and then some bulky Pearl Lobster mitts (20F and lower).

what about the gloves from Opperman?