Boulder Cross #2

It was Boulder Cross Series #1 for me. My good rides last weekend gave me a front row call up, things only got smoother from there, no stress, just get in the pedals and goooooooooo. Clean start in the grass, I moved in behind 2 teammates, perfect. After the first stretch of grass and a little sidewalk into the barriers, the line opened to get to the front, take a little pull to see who was riding fast today, behind the field managed to relegate half of themselves on the lead in to the barriers, out clean myself with a group sitting 5 seconds back. This sprung everyone who was in the 1st 10-20, after that, I think there was a split. A 45 minute wet, slow, sloggy race, the little bit of snow had made the course a little icy in spots, a little wet in spots but overall just hard(er). Interlocken has been a good one for me, any time the track is harder I manage to go a bit better. The 5 second gap stayed there for a lap or two, I wasn't going into the red but just riding smooth to learn the lines and let the bike do its thing. Advice from the Boss in the pits gave me the confidence when the gap was sticking or when I'd eked out little more time. I only added to it, I think the techy cattle chutes and slower off camber sections made time, the Fango up front and Typhoon out back hooked up perfectly. Nice to get 3 in a row. Cross is beautiful!

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