I rode well, you can't rock a 42:16 on a hillside cx course, it was a great suffer. I smiled the whole time. SSCX is good, it can be great. Age group was fun except for the instant I was pushed into the course tape and flipped over the bars giving the field a 2 minute headstart after less than a minute of racing. Untangle the chain with Keller helping and yelling, then start racing. I guess I passed about 70 riders, that was fun a CX TT. No one I passed got me back. That was good. Next time will be better. Now I sit here drained, pan-fried and ready to not be a racer for a bit. Cooked to a fine crisp. I think I'm sick too. Weak, I know.


ELGEE said...

drink more Lonestar to kill the bug...I think you may have caught something from the chick coughing at the next table while on her break from Dillards while we ingested piles of mexican flavored corn.

jeff said...

Hey Tim,
I saw your name on the SS results---nice work. 42 x 16 must have been some serious work up the hill and accelerating out of corners.... Hopefully next year natz will be back in the PNW and I can give the ss race a go.

Time to ski now---


303cycling said...

I was surprised to see you in the results, I didn't know you race SSCX... you should do that more often in Colorado next year! I wish I could have joined you this year, you probably heard my name called... great call up!

Kris Thompson

Matt said...

Congrats on the effort!