I have nothing to go off of as I didn’t see the guy out of his car, on my way over to the trails I saw a guy with a giant head driving. I am sure he was probably coming from or going to the ski hill, or maybe the slope side bar. I can’t paint too broad a stroke as it was a passing glance that I had of him, the head was huge, and I couldn’t see if he had any passengers in the car with him as he passed.
I read once where a test was done on a fully loaded chairlift on which they cut the cable. They found test dummies a quarter mile away. I rode today. The trails were exceptional, white singletrack, I figured about two feet plus of packed snow under my wheels, when I went off trail my wheel easily sunk up to the hub. An hour of that and back to work, winter mtb lunch ride, on terms. Great skills work, narrow, super narrow singletrack to keep, if you go off trail it’s over the bars.

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devin said...

That guy looks familiar>>>>enjoy the white stuff,, enjoy the wheels spinning.