Winter projects are getting done almost as fast as they come up. I started to put the rack on the car yesterday afternoon, it finally was only just below freezing. A guy and his dog walk by in the alley and I said "That's a pretty dog, is she friendly?" to which he replied "Yes, She is." I walked over to her and she lunges at me, then after I stood up she did it again, ready for it this time I put my hand up, she bit that on the way in. I said to the guy as he apologized "Your dog just bit me." I wanted to add a little more to that but I instead went inside and washed off the hand, cleaned up the little puncture wounds from her teeth. She looked like this, I have always been a believer in there is no such thing as a bad dog only bad owners, but I asked before apporaching the dog. Then moved in slowly to say hi. Piece of shit. I finished the rack project.


Jeff Kerkove said...

Good thing you didn't ask for a kiss.

devin said...

I say kick the dumb thing... Owner dog your pick..