In between dodging flu/cold bugs and the incessant snow the whole system gets loaded. The more I try the spring (late winter) gets harder each year. After all the pieces get fit and the order is taken I always realize that the one piece I needed has been left out. Time. Time gets subtracted, never added. Aside from throwing away sleep I can't find more. Gliding across the snow and the asphalt, looking for stashes of dirt I'm left pushing as I'm pulled the other way. Maybe next year, too many times that's been said. Too much in the queue, too little in trash.


Buzz said...

yeah but..if *one* really has control and awareness of his or her's SENSE of time then all that tally stuff gets negated.

math?...uggghhh bahhhh!!

Linear thought is a dead END.


b said...

this winter has definitely sucked time from everyone. seems like it's been a battle royale since november/december.

but hey...i was trying to stalk out your email from the internets with no luck. i have a question for you. shoot me an email please.



brenda moczygemba