An Emotional Robot

An emotional robot, stuck between 2 places, one side is soft the other analytical and eerily well, void. empty spaces filled with the 1000 yard vision, looking too close obscures the whole picture, the focus needs to farther down field, avoiding myopic thoughts in favor of long(er) views. Clear.

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Buzz said...

I can never understand all the "focus" talk about athletes and high performance humans." I always thought that if, say, somebody like Tiger Woods was so gifted then he should be able to walk down the fairway with a smile on his face and at perfect ease. But no, the pundits say he is a master of "focus"...blah blah blah.

If I am not mistaken, proper Samurai/Bushido fighting technique calls for 'gaze'..open eyes...awareness of all surroundings.

My personal best performance and *feel* is when I couldn't even tell you what happened two minutes ago....but then again maybe it didn't matter that much anyway...?