Not yet assimilated

Pushing away from the garage and getting that first blast of cross wind nearly put me in the gutter, this, the first 2 minutes of the ride. After a few miles though the rhythm and cold air moving thru my lungs had me oddly settled, I don't dance, I can barely walk from here to there without an ache or a pain, the body I'm left with set up for one activity. One trick pony? Nah, I'm customized, not assimilated to a proper multi sport, weekend warrior, "Hey, what's on the schedule this weekend?" No. The little niche I have carved out does one thing-reasonably well; the idea of focusing on more than one sport wakes me up in a cold sweat-fools me into thinking I might be a real athlete. Plenty of other shit falls by the side in favor. If I sucked much more I probably would attempt "other" sports, 5k? Sure. 1/2 Marathon, sign me up. How comforting to get lost in a crowd of soccer moms and post angioplasty new lease on lifers.

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