I had a professor in college who was all about economy of language, he never wanted more words than were absolutely necessary. But he didn't shower a great deal, an was pretty stinky. So, here I sit writing and thinking about how much less I would write if I had to set the type for the 3 people who read my words. Gutenberg was a genius but how tedious it must have been. We are spoiled by modern technology. Remember the phrase "desktop publishing"? Can you imagine what Gutenberg would think of that? Instead we have to invent tediousness in our daily lives; like choosing a certain vocation, career path, or general habit. Like something involving 2 wheels, 2 skis or 2 shoes. My mother used to say "If you put the energy into a career that you've put into cycling..." blah, blah, blah. Whatever, I didn't and I wasn't good enough to catch a check even when I was younger. My field to plow, my work. I like the fruit and veggies it produces, my carrots I had for lunch were delicious. My field, my plow.

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devin said...

your mom and my mom should get together and they can complain about all the energy that we have wasted..