Slippery riding to work on an icy path and for the 2nd day in a row there is this woman walking her 2 Doberman Pinschers on the bike path, off leash just running around. She saw me a little earlier than yesterday and corraled them in time to have me pass safe(r). Opposite of the trip home last night when another dog owner was letting his 2 big dogs run free, I must have looked really fascinating because the dogs chased me for a few hundred yards with the guy not really doing shit. I try not to think of the path as just a bike path, but for fuck's sake get your goddam dogs on a leash if they chase ANYTHING!


Elgee said...

they must have smelt that big ol tube steak in your pants. You lost me $3 by the way.

devin said...

it is summit county,,,,dogs rule the path,,,,and anywhere else just look at what happened to carter park..

I am sometimes more afraid of long leashes because those can get warped around you while you ride.