Monday thoughts

I think I can officially start the 2009 season, not that anything I do is official, it's not, really. Cross worlds were yesterday, I read a bit about the race and tried to find video but failed. Apparently Ryan hit a camera boom, that sucks-I guess being that tall you're prone to odd things. KFC had a good go (3rd is pretty impressive), The rainbow jersey will come to live in Colorado at some point. I need to unstick my seatpost, maybe a concotion of WD-40 and Liquid Wrench wil do the trick. The Kitchen isn't the best workshop, But it's all I have, I can only wash the bikes outside, working on them in 15 degree weather is a bad thing. Maybe I'll save my pennies and get a work stand. The studded tires and fenders need to go on too, that should be the first effort of the week but instead I'll get splattered because I'm lazy, but I rode to work today, different lazy, I think.

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rupert said...

Denver tomorrow???