Meat of the Curve

This was in the front yard of a house as I was riding yesterday, I wondered just what the people were trying to accomplish? Were they clowns? What is it that they were saying with a giant inflatable jester in their front yard- WTF???

I would have enjoyed being pro, real PRO. Just to have been able to travel and train in cool places that were warm(er). I do like that I put in the time without a check. I have been happy to be out there on the bike getting in the work, I had a photo from the 90s with the whole bike iced up, it didn’t shift or brake or anything, roached, the whole machine but the two hours I did that day couldn’t have been better. But I managed to ride and finish right in the meat of the curve.

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Elgee said...

I think that photo says "we are the douche bags"