I'm outside all the time seeing the season fade and blend into the next and all the while reaching for what I'm not sure is there, not sure if it's mine but the only certainty is that I get there. No convoluted metaphor here; just the simple task of doing something for a lifetime. At least the next fraction of my own time here. My only saving grace is the therapy I get, self analyzed, self diagnosed and self medicated. "Well, Mr. Faia, it seems your levels are low today, I think 90 minutes at threshold will have you right as rain in the morning." If only it were that simple. Hitting the anaerobic lottery, winning one race.

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Buzz said...

".....just the simple task of doing something for a lifetime..."

Hey now! I have been thinking about that very thing!...maybe just go with it.....whatever it brings...do our best..and the somewhere we get to will be where we were the whole time!!??