I'm bargaining again, the not so subtle give and take between what amounts to desperation and success, the measuring stick is faded, about to be resurfaced and re calibrated. I have my own goals, not the regular year in and year out grind, these are coming up different, trying to crisply define a new view. Sleeping on the other side of my head, turning East for South to view my world not changed outwardly but viewed with a better clarity for the importance of intangibles.

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Buzz said...

>"....for the importance of the intangibles."

Oh yeah..the skew..ugh... I know it well. Quantification just doesn't seem to find or define.

Seng-ts'an wrote in "The Mind of Absolute Trust" :

"When you cling to a hairbreadth of distinction, heaven and earth are set apart.

If you want to realize the truth, don't be for or against.

The struggle between good and evil is the primal disease of the mind."