If you could go back, would you?
A left, not a right, up, not down, every reaction to the initial action.
I'd like to think I made the best possible choices because if not the pool is and I'm still struggling to swim, in water over my head. Treading water for that long-80 years +/- What else can you do?
Easy to say this was good, that was bad, sometimes. In the end you're left with the pile of good and the pile of bad. Does it matter which pile is bigger on the last day?

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Buzz said...

I always cringe when some one says, " I have no regrets...blah blah...". yeah right! If I could go back I would do a hundred things differently. That is not to say that I am unhappy with my life and where it has led.

The struggle with right and wrong...good and bad....the seemingly dual nature of our conciousness. The primal disease of the mind.

You think mindful...I like.