What am I doing here? Mid way up the climb, the ferrous taste creeps further into my mouth from my throat as the climb kicks, and kicks me again. I know better, too many years of the pedals on my feet, I know what the equation looks like; go out, break a pile of dishes, try to eat as little as possible to put them back together-and repeat. Simple right? It's when the work ceases to be work, it's just part and parcel of the routine. I know I'm doing it and my competitors I think are doing it too, but who are they? Do they function on the fringes of the day? Lacking the door at noon to get the most work at the best time? Do they get to repeated black in the ledger? Is it even worth the effort? I don't know what ledger I'm scribbling black ink in but I do know what it takes to just get out the door. It's not just kitting up and walking to the garage. I think I would have grown bored with all of it by now if it was simpler.

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