This is what Sunday was like for most of the race. It was beautiful, now picture a white room. That's what we have. Cross is good any time of year. 

I wonder why we still need more paperclips, aren’t there enough? I mean they’re reusable. Are we wearing them out? I could search in Google how many are made but I think that would just frustrate me more. Paperclips aren’t like inner tubes, you can patch those a few times but then it’s over, and paperclips probably have a nearly unlimited half-life. It’s one more level of waste I’d like to reduce. Not that I’m beyond waste, I’m not. I like to reuse and recycle, almost to a fault. Re use your old stuff until it's shit, then recycle. The paperclip gets pulled apart and thrown away as trash. The resources wasted in just this one thing could solve a lot of problems. 

Inane ramblings.


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